Which boiler to choose for heating a house of 100 square meters?

Own private home is the dream of many. And even if you are not doing construction on your own, but are acquiring a finished building, there will still be many questions regarding its arrangement. First of all, to ensure comfort and coziness, it is not so much the design and interior content of the rooms that is important as the ability to freely use the benefits of civilization — water, electricity, heat, at any time. And it is also desirable to save money, which will help individual wiring lines, rather than connecting to centralized systems. In this article, we will figure out which boiler to choose for heating a house of 100 square meters, since often such an area is enough for a comfortable stay of an average family.

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Which boiler do you need?

What capacity of the boiler must be in order to heat 100m2? To organize the heating of a house of 100 squares, an inexpensive compact boiler with a capacity of 10-12 kW is enough. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • The area of ​​100m2 is clearly not enough to accommodate a spacious boiler room with a large boiler. You need a small-sized design that can be placed in a small room, in the kitchen or under the stairs.
  • Budget options have low requirements for fuel quality. However, one does not have to choose a too cheap option, since their energy efficiency is low. The boiler wastes fuel, which leads to unnecessary costs. You save on equipment, but fuel will soon “eat up” all your savings.
  • The power of 10-12 kW is dictated by those considerations that heat loss of a house of this area is from 10 to 12 kW.
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Calculation of heat loss at home

This calculation is quite simple. As practice shows, the amount of heat loss per “square” of the area is 0.1 kW. And that means - the value of heat loss for a house of 100 "squares" will be: 0.1 x 100 = 10 kW.

If you multiply this figure by a margin of 20% in case of severe cold, we get: 10 x 1.2 = 12 kW.

That's all the calculations.

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Gas or solid fuel boiler?

The most effective is a gas-fired boiler. Next in terms of efficiency are solid fuel and electricity devices. This rating is built on the following principle: the sum of the costs of obtaining 1 kW of power:

  • If you opted for a budget design, the gas version has the lowest operating costs. During the season, you burn about 1200-1500 cubic meters of gas. Our separate article will help you choose best gas boiler.
  • Solid fuel boilers compared to gas boilers are somewhat more expensive: about 4 cubic meters of firewood and 5 tons of coal during the heating season. Find out how to install a solid fuel boiler in a private house.
  • The electrical design is much less economical: if you purchased the electrical design, then be prepared for the cost of hundreds of kilowatts within a month.

Important! However, the gas boiler also has a worthy competitor - a pyrolysis type boiler, which decomposes solid fuel into combustible gases. But the operation of such a boiler is associated with energy costs, and such a design is quite expensive.

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Overview of popular boilers for heating a house in 100 m2

According to customer reviews, these boilers are the best in terms of price, quality and energy efficiency.


Consider which boiler to choose for heating a house of 100 square meters, if you prefer a gas model.

Important! Are you planning to install a gas boiler in the house? Then you need to get acquainted with allrequirements for the installation of a gas boiler in a private house.

AOGV 11.6:

  • Maximum thermal power - 11.6 kW.
  • The size of the heated area is up to 100 m2.
  • The number of circuits - 2 (can be used for heating and heating water).
  • The productivity of the boiler, liters per minute - 2.5.
  • The installation location is on the floor.
  • Type of fuel: gas.
  • Dimensions 0.9x0.4x0.45 m.

Protherm Panther 12 KTO:

  • The value of thermal power is 11.6 kW.
  • The maximum area of ​​a heated room is 120 m2.
  • Fuel: natural gas.
  • The number of circuits - 1 (heating).
  • The installation location is wall mounted.
  • Dimensions - 0.7x0.32x0.32 m.

Solid fuel

Now we’ll figure out which solid fuel boiler to choose for the house 100 sq. M. And in our separate post, alas, you will find detailed instructions,how to make a chimney for a solid fuel boiler with your own hands.


  • Thermal power - 10 kW.
  • Efficiency 0.72
  • Dimensions 0.62x0.48x0.67 m.
  • The capacity of the water “shirt” is 22 liters.

Bourgeois-K STANDARD-10:

  • Thermal power - 10 kW.
  • Efficiency - 0.85.
  • Dimensions - 0.85x0.38x0.93 m.
  • The capacity of the water “shirt” is 18 liters.

Stopuva S10U:

  • Thermal power - 10 kW.
  • Efficiency - 0.87.
  • The burning time of 1 bookmark (when using coal fuel) is 130 hours.
  • Dimensions (height, diameter) - 1.92x0.45 m.
  • The capacity of the water “shirt” is 34 liters.


As already mentioned, the purchase of an electric boiler is associated with significant energy consumption. Consider the two most economical options, if you need to choose a boiler for heating a house of 100 square meters. m

Bosch Tronic 5000 H:

  • Thermal power - 13.9 kW.
  • Power consumption - 14.1 kW.
  • Efficiency - 0.99.
  • The number of phases, voltage - 3, 380 V.
  • Dimensions - 0.7x0.55x0.27 m.

Kospel EKCO.L1z:

  • Thermal power - 12.0 kW.
  • Power consumption - 12.5 kW.
  • Efficiency - 0.99.
  • The number of phases, voltage - 3, 380 V.
  • Dimensions - 0.66x0.38x0.16 m.

Important! Electric boilers are compact, but before deciding which boiler to choose for a house of 100 square meters. m, it is necessary to really assess the energy consumption. Power consumption of 12-14 kW is far from affordable for everyone.

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Heating pipes

In modern heating systems of private houses, polypropylene pipes are most often used. This material has replaced steel and plastic.

The advantages of polypropylene include:

  • Reliability and durability of compounds (by soldering).
  • Long working resource.
  • The ability to withstand high pressures and temperatures.

Important! Well proven VALTEC pipes. This is an ideal ratio of affordable price and high reliability.

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The right choice of coolant

The best coolant option is Thermagent -30 EKO propylene glycol antifreeze. It is a good alternative to water. The main advantage of antifreeze is its resistance to high temperatures.

There is also such a nuance:

  • If for some reason the heating system stops for a while, the antifreeze in the pipes will not freeze. This will avoid the destruction of pipes and damage to plumbing.
  • If you replace the antifreeze with water, then when the heating system stops, the water in the pipes will freeze for several hours.

In addition, antifreeze protects pipes from corrosion and scale.

Important! “Thermo ECO” does not corrode rubber and plastic parts. Antifreeze is completely harmless to pets and people.

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Combustion products

The classic option for removing gases generated during fuel combustion is natural draft or exhaust through a chimney.

A modern option is a coaxial hood, equipped according to the principle of “pipe in pipe”.Such an exhaust gas removal system does not require the installation of a conventional chimney. Combustion products are led out through the inner pipe. Fresh air enriched with oxygen passes through the gap between the outer and inner pipes. More information in the post. "Rules for the installation of a coaxial chimney for a gas boiler".

Important! The effectiveness of such a system does not depend on weather conditions.

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Reserve boiler

Considering the different options, which boiler to choose for heating a house of 100 square meters, you need to think about the feasibility of installing a backup unit.

Important! You should think about this option if you opted for solid fuel equipment. The duration of burning one fuel bookmark for the vast majority of solid fuel boilers is from 3 to 7 hours. All this causes certain difficulties. For example, if you need to leave for a while, there’s nobody to heat the boiler, and the house will cool down a lot.

The solution to the problem is the installation of a backup electric boiler. To avoid significant energy consumption, you can use a backup boiler during your absence only to maintain a minimum temperature in the premises of the house (so that it does not freeze). This mode of operation of the boiler will be the most economical.

Important! For those who like to make with their own hands and do not want to spend money on the purchase of a solid fuel boiler, our portal has a useful article. It provides step-by-step instructions, drawings and diagrams to help you assemble do-it-yourself long-burning boiler.

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The choice of a particular option for heating a private house is a question for the owner himself. But at the same time, you need to consider a variety of factors. Buying a high-tech unit is tempting, but there may be problems with the repair. According to experts, the best option is the installation of units operating on different types of fuel.

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