Ariston washing machine error codes

Modern washing machines have a special system that helps to identify malfunctions. When a breakdown or malfunction is identified, a alphanumeric code is displayed. Thanks to this, the diagnosis becomes much simpler, it is easier to detect and correct the defect. Let us consider in more detail the error codes of the Ariston washing machine.

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Code F01

Occurs due to improper fasteners in the control circuit of the drive motor. As a result, it closes. It checks for fluid on the combiner of the electrical controller. To eliminate such a malfunction, the electronic controller is replaced, and then the motor is replaced.

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Problem F02

No engine rotation data is transmitted from the tacho to the controller. The operation of the rotor is tested, as jamming of the drum bearings is possible, is the connection between the motor and the controller normal? A check of the electrical resistance of the tachogenerator is also performed.

When using a multi-time drive motor, the connections and harness are inspected. When troubleshooting, the first step is to replace the drive motor, then the controller.

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Lock F03

Similar errors of the Ariston washing machine indicate that the temperature sensor or TEN relay is broken. Measurements of resistance and contact connectors are carried out, the controller is replaced, the temperature indicator.

Important! Often this failure is caused by improper operation of the equipment, lack of proper care, and poor water quality. To solve all these problems, read our articles:

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F04 value

This code indicates a malfunction in the water level sensor. The connections between the controller and the sensor are examined; if necessary, they change.

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Code F05

Error f 05 Ariston says that the drain pump is broken. It is found out how reliable the connecting contacts of the controller are with the drain pump, the drain hose with a filter.

In the presence of faulty parts, it is necessary to replace the drain pump, water level indicator, electronic controller. Sometimes need replace drain hose.

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Lock F06

This code gives button malfunctions. The wiring connections and keys on the control panel are examined. If necessary, the parts are replaced.

Important! Perhaps the cause was the voltage drop in the network. Once again, the established ones will help you avoid this. surge protectors for household appliances.

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Code F07

A tubular electric heater did not immerse in water. Connections and TEN are dialed, the resistance strength of the wiring is measured. All non-working items are replaced with new ones.

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Ariston Error F08

Signals an empty tank or a hang of the heater relay. The operation of the pressure switch and the contacts between the heater and the controller are checked. All defective parts are changed.

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EEPROM non-volatile memory defective. Replacing a memory chip or settings adjustment sensor is required.

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Block F10

The water level indicator does not signal a tank full.The contacts connecting the connector, level sensor and controller are dialed. All non-working items are replaced.

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Signal F11

Like error f 05, the Ariston washing machine signals a malfunction with the pump. Either there is no connection to the machine, or the winding has broken. Are checkedcontrol module, all places of joining of wiring, pump.

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F12 lock

This error of the Ariston washing machine means that the controller and the display module have lost their relationship. The first step is to check the quality of the connections.

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Code F13

The temperature control sensor circuit for drying is broken. To resolve the problem, the contacts connecting the sensor and the CAN controller connectors are checked. Defective items are changing.

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Block F14

I can’t turn on the dryer. The connection contacts between the control sensor and the heating element of the drying of each element are checked. If necessary, faults are replaced.

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Signal F15

I can’t turn off the dryer. Checked contacts and items. Faulty - replaced.

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Code F16

In this case, the unit signals the blocking of the drum, which is possible only in models with a vertical loading of the tank. To clarify the breakdown, ring contacts, check the connections and the condition of the lock on the door. Possible malfunction of the electronic control board.

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Error F17

Hatch door open. The voltage between the contacts, the microswitch of the door lock lock, the control board connector is checked. The door closing force is also checked, broken elements change. Sometimes change the cuff of the hatch washing machine, as it may interfere with tight closing.

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F18 value

Malfunction or incorrect operation of the microprocessor. Controller replacement required.

Important! Always weigh serious damage to the washing machine. Sometimes it’s enough to carry out simple actions on your own to restore it to working capacity, and sometimes it’s very difficult and expensive to repair. In the latter situation, it makes sense to think about a replacement, and here our articles will help you:

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From this article, you learned what the “smart” Ariston washing machine signals to you if it shows one or another error code. We hope that the information received has helped you figure out what is the cause of the malfunction and fix the problem in the shortest possible time.

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