Easy ironing in the washing machine - what is it?

A washing machine today is no longer just an assistant, it is an almost indispensable thing in any home. And manufacturers are trying to develop to the main function - washing, many more additional benefits that will help not only wash, but also squeeze the laundry, dry it, and even iron it. Consider today the “easy ironing” function in the washing machine - what it is, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

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A washing machine with the outdoor ironing function allows you to take out non-crumpled things from the drum, without bends, creases and creases. Of course, this function does not replace your iron, but the process of ironing clothes will become much easier, positive reviews are proof of this.

The principle of operation of the technology is simple - a larger amount of water and the most delicate spin allow the laundry to not wrinkle during the washing process.

Consider both the advantages of this technology and its disadvantages.


  1. With this technology, it is really much easier to iron washed clothes, this is especially noticeable when washing dense fabrics, for example, jeans.
  2. Easy ironing in the washing machine allows you to extend the life of things, since the fabric is less susceptible to wear than when washing with an aggressive spin.
  3. You can also save on electricity, because after washing, the iron and the steamer will be used much less often, and less in time.

Important! It should be noted that this function may differ slightly from one manufacturer to another, but its meaning remains unchanged.


  1. Many housewives complain that at the end of the program they pull out not even wet, but very wet laundry from the drum. Most likely, this is a side effect of delicate spin. Therefore, if you decide to use this function, get ready for things to dry much longer than with normal washing.
  2. Also a noticeable minus of any model equipped with easy ironing is an increase in washing time - for any of the programs launched in conjunction with it. So - you can forget about energy savings when using a washing machine.
  3. In addition to the consumption of electricity, in this mode the device is very uneconomical with water. Consumption can increase by 25%, and sometimes more.
  4. Since spinning and rinsing are very delicate, and work at the lowest speeds, things after washing may well remain in the traces of powder.
  5. When working with this function, you will not be able to wash a lot at once. Manufacturers recommend loading the drum no more than two-thirds. If you reload the machine, the laundry will turn out crumpled and wrinkled, as with any standard spin program.

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Having considered the main advantages and disadvantages of this technology, we turn to the manufacturers and consider the popular models with easy ironing.

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Studying the operation of the technology with examples of specific devices best gives an idea of ​​it. Therefore, we take the real options for machines equipped with this nice addition.

Samsung WW12H8400EX / LP

One of the popular and high-quality machines that provide easy ironing is Samsung WW12H8400EX / LP. In addition to this feature, the manufacturer supplemented it with other features:

  • Fuzzy logic
  • function of delaying washing;
  • Eco Bubble
  • 1/2 load;
  • quick wash;
  • washing without spin;
  • the possibility of soaking.

Important! Of course, no manufacturer guarantees you the perfect operation of all additional functions, but their presence allows the user to choose the most convenient mode.


  1. Of the pleasant and important details, it should be noted the high efficiency of the machine in terms of electricity. Based on the tests, it is assigned the class A +++.
  2. The machine also has a voluminous and comfortable hatch, the diameter of which is 46 cm, with a maximum load of up to 12 kg of clothes, and the possibility of spinning at 1400 rpm.
  3. The very function of easy ironing proved to be the best in comparison with similar models of competitors.

Important! The machine is not cheap, but the presence of many useful functions and excellent performance justify it.

In the line of this manufacturer there are also no less interesting models with innovative technologies. We talked about one of these in a review Samsung Eco Bubble.


This machine also provides the ability to wash clothes in the considered mode, but in comparison with the previous model, it has lower quality indicators. Laundry washed with light ironing remains wet.

Important! In the line of this manufacturer there is also another interesting option, which, perhaps, will interest you no less - steam washing machine.

The device deserves attention, since it also has a number of additional advantages:

  • the possibility of delaying washing;
  • auto weighting;
  • quick wash;
  • 1/2 load;
  • water level adjustment;
  • non-spin mode.

Important! The device is cheaper in cost than the previous one, but it is safer because it has not only water level sensors and weight control, but also protection against imbalance, leaks, protection from children and a special pile filter. Loading of linen is possible up to 12 kg, and a low noise level will please any user.

Siemens WM 14W440OE

This is a rather expensive model of a washing machine, which has the function of easy ironing in its arsenal. When using it, users noted an insufficient spin, but at the same time washed clothes are not wrinkled and it is convenient to iron after drying.

In addition to this technology, the machine, like previous models, has interesting developments:

  • leakage protection;
  • delayed start;
  • washing delicate materials;
  • child protection
  • water level control.

At the same time, the device holds up to 9 kg of linen and consumes very little electricity.

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  1. A washing machine with ironing clothes is very convenient when washing strongly wrinkled fabrics, but so far the technology has not been finalized to an ideal result, therefore, linen often turns out to be very wet after washing.
  2. Of course, none of the manufacturers will give you the opportunity to pull out already ironed and stacked clothes from the hatch, but it is quite realistic to facilitate the ironing process using this technology. Is it worth it to buy a car with this function - it's up to you. In any case, manufacturers are constantly improving their technology, so you should pay special attention to new items before buying, and then weigh the pros and cons.
  3. You should not save on the device, because the lower the price, the less the manufacturer spent the money on a quality study of the necessary technology.
  4. In terms of the development of technology and its benefits, there is a more interesting option - a device with the function of drying clothes. But these models immediately increase in price. Therefore, if it is important for you to save time, money, you can try to use a more budget model with easy ironing. She will not be able to replace drying, and even complicate this process, but it will become easier for you to iron things.
  5. Of course, the most ideal option is a washing machine with a drying and ironing function, but keep in mind that such devices are far from affordable for everyone.

Important! Regardless of the choice of a specific model of household appliances, you must be able to correctly configure the washing and ironing modes.Keep in mind the following publications:

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Now you have an idea of ​​the “easy ironing” function in the washing machine - what it is, what it gives and what the alternative may be. We hope you helped you make the right decision, and using the purchased washing machine, you do not regret your choice.

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