The Redmond slow cooker does not turn on

One of the most popular and useful modern kitchen devices is the multicooker Polaris and other popular brands. You can cook almost any dish in it - starting from cooking ordinary porridge, ending with closed meat pies and other pastries. Naturally, like any electric device, it can break. But if you approach the solution to the problem correctly, then you will not notice how it will again become your irreplaceable assistant in the kitchen. The leader in the production of multicookers - both a budget plan, and quite expensive with great functionality, is Redmond. What to do in a situation where the Redmond multicooker does not turn on or there are some other malfunctions in its operation, we will learn from this article.

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How does any home multicooker work?

To understand why it does not heat and how to fix the multicooker, you first need to understand how it is generally arranged and what its work is based on. Any model, including the Redmond brand, has two sensors that actually determine in which direction it should work.

Several sensors are connected to these sensors, connecting them to the control board, which is located directly under the buttons. That is, if the display panel does not light, then this will mean that the power supply has failed.

Important! Multicookers Redmond can have mechanical or touch control, in principle, both options can be called convenient.

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Why did the multicooker stop turning on, what should I do?

The display does not light or the multicooker lid does not open? Let's look at the possible causes of such a malfunction of multicookers and ways to solve them.

Incorrect operation

Before you start using the multicooker, you need to carefully study the instructions drawn up by the manufacturer of this household appliance. Perhaps you just installed the wrong bowl, and the equipment does not turn on in order to protect yourself.

To solve this problem, disconnect it from the network, open and install the bowl correctly, then after a few minutes, try turning it on again, for example, in the quenching mode.

Insufficient voltage supply or lack thereof

Perhaps it’s the differences in the network that negatively affect the operation of your multicooker. To see if this is the case, check if the electricity works in the house. If not, then just wait for it to be submitted.

Maybe you just forgot to insert the plug into the outlet?

The slow cooker does not turn on - wait, do not panic, first check that it is connected to the network correctly. Perhaps you just turned it off and forgot it the day before. To make it work again, just plug it into a power outlet.

Wiring problems

Multicooker malfunctions are often associated with clogged contacts. If the equipment is not handled carefully, then the remnants of various products and liquids that can cause breakdown will constantly fall into it.

In order for it to work again, it is necessary to disassemble it and thoroughly clean it of foreign objects inside. At the same time, you can do remove the smell from the multicooker.

Temperature controller breakdown

Power surges adversely affect the operation of fuses, and they can simply burn out. In order for the device to start functioning again, it is necessary to replace the damaged element:

  1. First you need to untwist the slow cooker and find the heater inside.
  2. The button will have to be disassembled, and you will see two wires of black or orange color, and the fuse itself is under the insulating tube.
  3. Use a wire cutter to bite the burned-down appliance and change to a new one.

Important! Unfortunately, this is a fairly common breakdown of Redmond equipment.

An error has occurred

If any strange numbers and letters appear on the screen, this means that the multicooker gives an error code, and only by deciphering it, you can understand what happened.

Important! These codes are well known to specialists who repair multicookers. If you decide to deal with the problem yourself, why the Redmond multicooker does not turn on or gives another error, you will have to carefully study the instructions. There, in the corresponding section, the designation of each error code should be indicated.

Microcircuit broke

Often solve the problem of malfunction of the multicooker helps simple cleaning the contacts of the thermal relay, which is responsible for heating the bowl. It is located in the very depths of the device, so to get to it you will have to completely disassemble the device.

As soon as you find the thermal relay, you will need to unclench the contacts a little and clean them with sandpaper or paper.

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Other Causes of Redmond Multicooker Failure

There are several more less common reasons why a slow cooker may stop working:

  • The cooking program was selected incorrectly. Remember that for each dish there is a separate program, therefore, setting it incorrectly, you will not get the desired result.
  • Valve clogged. In any multicooker there is a special valve for removing steam, which can become clogged. Due to clogging, steam will accumulate inside the appliance and it will start to overheat.
  • Bowl deformation. This is most often a factory defect, therefore, repairs will occur under warranty.

Important! Remember that improper care or even its absence can provoke the majority of breakdowns. If you like to use such a miracle saucepan and you do it often, read about how to wash a slow cooker.

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Multicooker repair at home

Does your multicooker not work? What to do? You can try to fix it on your own. It’s better to start by cleaning the appliance, because during cooking one way or another pieces of food often fall past the bowl, it also happens that the liquid simply boils or spills. All these actions lead to a fast clogging of the internal device, and the crock-pot starts to heat up badly, turn off in the middle of cooking or emit an unpleasant odor.

Therefore, it must be cleaned, and how to do this we will consider further.

Cleaning the multicooker:

  1. First you need to remove the bottom, and for this you will have to unscrew the bolts or snap off the special buttons. There you will see everything that fell past the thickets - and the remains of jam, and sprinkled cereals, and spilled milk.
  2. Then you need to unscrew the heating device, pull out the wire from it and disconnect the button. And only then you can start cleaning it.
  3. The housing should also be thoroughly washed inside and out.

Important! To assemble a multicooker is possible only after the final drying of all parts that were washed. And in order not to get confused in wires and bolts, it is better to photograph each stage of disassembling the multicooker.

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How to operate the multicooker?

To avoid malfunction of the Redmond multicooker, you need to follow certain rules - during cooking, you need to do everything clearly and not violate the sequence of actions:

  1. First you need to choose a recipe and only then put the necessary products in the bowl.
  2. Then we lower the bowl into the multicooker itself.
  3. Be sure to check if it is connected to the mains, and only after that set the program and start cooking.

Important! If products accidentally get inside the device itself, you must first remove them and only then start cooking again, otherwise, you risk spoiling your internal contacts.

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Contact a service center or not?

If your Redmond slow cooker does not turn on, then this is certainly a significant cause for concern, but you should not panic right away. Most likely, the reason for this is not so serious and you can solve the problem yourself. To do this, do the following manipulations:

  • Unplug the device and plug it into another outlet, because maybe the reason is in it;
  • Look carefully to see if the wire has come off;
  • Take a look at the instructions and see if you are doing everything right;
  • You can still dry the slow cooker, because perhaps there is still water left inside it after you washed it.

Important! If the breakdowns turned out to be very serious, and you are not ready to deny yourself the pleasure of hassle-free cooking of various dishes, use our reviews when choosing a new technique:

  1. Which is better - a slow cooker or a pressure cooker?
  2. Multicooker rating.
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As you can see, not all reasons for the failure of modern multicookers are as serious as it might seem, and almost any breakdown can be fixed without leaving the house. The main thing is to handle this appliance correctly, and every day in your house it will smell delicious wholesome and quickly cooked food.

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