Microwave problems and solutions

Microwave ovens have become reliable helpers in the kitchen, because they can quickly warm up food and prepare simple dishes. And of course, it’s unpleasant when the microwave oven stops turning on or starts to malfunction. Do not rush to call the master or carry the assistant to the workshop - some malfunctions have simple reasons, and you can make simple repairs yourself. Today we will tell you what are the main malfunctions of the microwave and how to fix it.

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Causes of Major Faults

What burns out and often turns off in the microwave? Basically, all models of microwave ovens have the same device, and therefore they break almost the same way.

Important! All equipment malfunctions are the result of improper operation or careless attitude to the device, since factory defects appear even during the warranty period and are eliminated by service centers for free.

Before you troubleshoot microwaves and troubleshooting, first read the safety precautions for working with this unit:

  • You cannot start the microwave oven when the fan is idle.
  • Do not start the magnetron of the microwave oven with the door open and if the camera or waveguide is damaged.
  • Do not connect a magnetron removed from its original location. It is life threatening.
  • Before making any manipulations with the elements of the furnace, be sure to turn off the device from the network and forcibly discharge the high-voltage capacitor.
  • After completing repairs, be sure to remove all the smallest objects from the waveguide.
  • Starting the microwave oven without load is prohibited. To check the operation of the device, place a non-metallic water tank in the chamber.
  • If it is necessary to replace parts of the device, they need to be changed only to similar ones.

Important! When disassembling a microwave oven, photograph all your actions so that you can then easily restore the original position and fastening of all components of the device.

Consider the main problems encountered during operation of the furnace - why the microwave does not turn on or does not work.

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The microwave does not turn on - reasons

The most ideal way to identify the root causes of the problem and diagnose the problem is to read the instructions for use. What is disconnected there?

Each device model has its own characteristics that directly depend on the manufacturer.

Important! The most common models of Samsung companies, LG Daewoo. These manufacturers produce equipment that is affordable and of high quality. But not a single device is insured against breakdowns.

Manufacturers of these firms offer models with several types of control:

  • Mechanical.
  • Sensory.
  • Electronic.

The simplest form is mechanical. If the microwave does not turn on, then the reasons may be the following.

Lack of network power

Maybe the power cord has just moved away from the outlet or there is no voltage in the outlet.If you connected the device to another outlet and it does not work again, then check the voltage supply to the surge protector board, maybe the cable is in it.

To check the integrity of the power cord:

  1. First remove the casing and discharge the high-voltage capacitor, and then use the multimeter to ring the power cord.
  2. All three wires going from the outlet to the terminals should be dialed.
  3. And the ground terminal, located on the outlet, should ring on the microwave housing.

If everything is OK with the wire, then consider another cause of the problem.

Blown fuse

Check the integrity of the mains fuse, which is located mainly on the power filter circuit board. The failure of the mains fuse can contribute to the voltage drop in the network or a malfunction of the internal elements of the furnace.

Important! If the fuse blows, replace it with the same rating.

But if the cause of knocking is in the components of the microwave oven, then it is necessary to diagnose the device and eliminate the causes of the malfunction, otherwise, the problem with the fuse blowing will be repeated.

Important! If the Samsung microwave does not work and the “Start” button in the electronic control does not turn on, or the indicator does not light, then immediately contact the service center, this company has its own service centers in each city.

The micro-switch in the door lock system has broken

If the small limit switch is broken, then its open contacts do not signal the electronic control module that the door is closed and the microwave oven does not turn on.

Transformer problems

In this case, there can be a variety of microwave malfunctions and remedies, respectively, too. Including, it is possible not to turn on the device.

To determine the malfunction of the transformer, it is necessary to disassemble the device, the cause of the breakdown can be in the primary and secondary windings or in the thermal fuse of the transformer. In this case, it is better to immediately contact a service center.

Indicator is off

This is the most harmless malfunction. If the indicator does not light, but the furnace is working, it is necessary to replace the diode.

Bad control board

In 80% of cases, a step-down transformer fails on the control board (in this case, it must be replaced with a new one). In other situations, various radio components in the supply circuit fail.

Important! The cause of such a malfunction of the microwave is often a power surge.


  1. In case of any malfunctions, always carry out a visual inspection of the equipment: Arm yourself with a flashlight and carefully inspect all elements - both outside and inside the device.
  2. The presence of darkening, swollen capacitors, holes from breakdowns, leaks always indicates abnormal processes.
  3. When viewed, it will not hurt to sniff at the details. The smell of burned insulation or transformer oil will unmistakably help identify the problem and localize it.
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Microwave does not heat

The reasons that the microwave does not work, and at the same time there is a smell of burnt insulation, may be the following:

  1. Blown high-voltage fuse (5 kV). The reasons for the failure of the fuse can be: a short circuit of the magnetron, a malfunction of the high voltage capacitor, an interturn circuit of the high voltage transformer, fatigue of the metal fuse.
  2. The magnetron is out of order. The causes of this malfunction can be: the age of the device, voltage drops in the network, component short circuit, malfunction of the feed-through capacitor. Learn more about selecting and replacing this part from another article. “Magnetron in the microwave”.
  3. Malfunction of the intermediate relay on the control board.The cause of this failure can be voltage drops (surges) or a large load on the magnetron caused by improper loading of the microwave oven chamber.
  4. Failure of one of the microswitches. During long-term operation, soot forms on “micriks”, which leads to loss of contact.

Important! The supply voltage in the network is less than 220 Volts - this is the most harmless reason, since in many cities by the evening the voltage in the network can be less than 200 volts, which is not enough for the normal functioning of the device.

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The dish does not rotate in the microwave

The reasons that the pan does not rotate may be:

  1. Faulty pan motor. As a rule, the rotation motor of the pan breaks down due to various contaminants, grease and water entering it from the device chamber. All this leads to difficulty in rotating the shaft, and as a result, an increased load on the coil of the engine itself leads to burnout of the coil winding. Another reason for engine failure can be faulty wiring in the electrical circuit. To remedy the situation, it is necessary to replace the burned engine with a new one.
  2. Faulty disk rotation drive. If one clove on a plastic gear has broken off, then it can be replaced with a metal insert. But if the gear is completely worn out, then it will have to be replaced completely.
  3. Break in an electric network.
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Microwave sparkles inside

If you encounter such a problem, then the causes of the malfunction of the microwave and the solutions can be as follows:

  1. Breakdown of the mica plate. Such a malfunction occurs due to contamination of the dielectric plate with fat or because the plate itself has become wet after washing the device chamber. Another cause of failure could be improper operation of the device, for example, the use of utensils with a metallized coating, cooking a small amount of food, which leads to an increased load on the magnetron. You cannot use such a device in the future, since this malfunction will negatively affect more expensive components and may lead to a complete failure of the equipment. Read another article for instructions on how to changemicrowave mica
  2. Destruction of enamel in the chamber or on the door. Violation of the integrity of the enamel coating can be caused by inaccurate use of equipment or a factory paint defect. Do not try to restore the insulating coating of the chamber with paints and putties, since fumes of chemicals will poison the food. Further use of the furnace in case of this malfunction is dangerous.
  3. Magnetron cap burnt out. Sparking in the microwave chamber may occur due to a burnt mica plate. After burning the plate, an electric arc appears with the cap of the magnetron antenna, which causes it to burn.

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The operation of the microwave oven is accompanied by a strong hum

Most likely, the causes of such a malfunction of the microwave are as follows:

  1. The magnetron is out of order. This leads to: prolonged operation at full power, power surges.
  2. Faulty fan.
  3. High voltage transformer out of order. This element of the device begins to hum more than usual due to the closure of one of the windings, which causes a huge load. The malfunction is accompanied by smoke or a sweet smell of a singed winding.

Important! On our portal of useful tips you will find solutions to any problems. Including if the microwave does not heat, but it works.

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How to check the operation of the main elements of a microwave oven? - Advice

Be sure to disconnect the device from the network and find the instructions to review and find out where all the elements of the circuit that you will check are located before proceeding to the independent troubleshooting.


First of all, check the condition of the fuses - if they turn black or a blown filament inside, then you need to replace the fuse with a new one.

Important! When buying a new fuse, take the old (burnt out) to buy exactly that. It is highly discouraged to use various "bugs" to save the situation. In this case, the likelihood of a fire is extremely high.


If the technician makes an abnormal noise or buzzing when turning on, the capacitor may be broken. Check its performance as follows:

  1. Connect an ohmmeter to the part.
  2. If the arrow of the ohmmeter deviates, the capacitor is in order, if not, the element is out of order.

Important! Before checking, as well as before replacing, the capacitor must be completely discharged.

High voltage diode

It's a lot easier to buy a new item than to test it. However, before buying a new part, you need to make sure that the problem is in it.

Important! You can determine the malfunction of the diode using a capacitor - it should not heat up. There are two more obvious signs of a high-voltage diode breakdown - a blown fuse and a drone of equipment when turned on.


The purpose of the magnetron is the generation of a high-frequency electric field. It is thanks to the electric field that the products in the chamber are heated.

A characteristic sign that the magnetron is faulty is a strong hum during the operation of the device:

  1. If the device buzzes but does not heat, then inspect the magnetron for carbon deposits and cracks.
  2. If there are no defects in appearance, then check the element with an ohmmeter - the case should not ring out with a passage capacitor.
  3. Replace the burnt part with a new one with the same characteristics and dimensions.

Important! Do not forget that the proper operation of the equipment is often associated with its cleanliness. Use a selection of effective ways to how to wash the microwave from fat.

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The simplest causes of failure

If the microwave does not work, the reasons may not be related to the breakdown of device parts, for example:

  • Low voltage. Even a slight deviation of 20 V can affect the operation of the equipment. As a result, for example, the plate in the oven will be heated, and the food in the center will be cold. To avoid voltage problems, install an uninterruptible power supply unit.
  • Overload in the network due to the operation of powerful electrical appliances from one outlet. To avoid this problem, connect your outlet to each energy consumer.
  • The latch in the appliance door broke. As a result of incomplete closing, the microwave oven weakly heats products or does not turn on at all. The solution to the problem is the urgent replacement of latches or their repair.
  • Incorrect operating mode. For example, you forgot to switch the “defrost” function after using this option when defrosting food.

Important! If you have already solved these problems, and now the microwave is in good condition, try our interesting recipes for microwave.

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Microwave Operating Rules

We examined the causes of the malfunction of the microwave and how to eliminate it, but the most important thing is to prevent equipment breakdowns and operate it correctly. And for this you need to follow simple rules:

  • Do not heat food in metal dishes.
  • Do not turn on the microwave at idle without food.
  • Do not heat liquids and raw eggs in open containers.
  • Carry out preventive measures, change worn parts of the device in time.
  • Keep the oven clean.
  • Use an uninterruptible power supply to avoid power surges.

Important! Do not do it yourself if the equipment is under warranty and if you do not have sufficient knowledge in electronics and electrical engineering.Remember that a microwave oven is a very complex and high-tech device that requires strict compliance with all the manufacturer's recommendations and respect.

If the problems turned out to be serious and the repair is unprofitable, choose a new microwave from our rating of the best microwaves.

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Follow the rules of operation and take care of technology, and then the microwave oven will never upset you, but will delight you with its work for many years.

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