Why did the washing machine smell like burnt?

If you loaded the laundry into the washing machine, selected the necessary program and quietly left, and when washing the washing machine, the smell of burned in, it became smokeless or burned, then immediately stop the process, disconnect the device from the network and find out the cause of burning.

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What if the smell of burning comes from the washing machine?

First of all, turn off and de-energize the machine so that a fire does not start. If the machine has its own machine (RCD), then turn it off. Otherwise, turn off all electricity in the house, and then unplug the plug from the outlet. Carefully inspect the outlet. If you find that it burned and melted, then contact an electrician. If everything is okay with her, then the light can be turned on.

As soon as the machine is de-energized, and you yourself and the house are safe, then determine why there was a smell of burning in the washing machine. Maybe it's not a breakdown:

  1. A new washing machine may smell burnt. When heated, plastic and other new parts may smell. As a rule, the smell is not strong.
  2. The old machine smells burnt if you washed it with soap shavings. Soap shavings and poor-quality powders can adhere to the heater, and burn during subsequent washing. If a little sticking means, then the smell will pass by itself. To do this: start the washing machine without laundry 1-2 times at maximum temperature.

Important! If all the runs at high temperatures did not help and the burning smells, it is necessary to call the master. Be sure to check with the washing machine in the documents on the terms of warranty service before calling a specialist. And also use the information from the article on our website regarding the conditions warranty repair of washing machines.

We do not recommend interfering with household appliances ourselves, although you can unscrew the back cover of the washing machine, see where the smoke comes from and determine by the smell source where the malfunction is. Please note that if you do not have any skills in carrying out such work, it is unsafe for your health.

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The smell of burning in the washing machine

If the smell of burning in the washing machine is clearly exuded by plastic parts, and the unit is new, you may not need any additional steps. Try to wait for several washing processes, if it still stinks, most likely it is a factory marriage. In this case, we recommend immediately contacting a service center for help.

If the machine is used for a long time, and it starts to smell suddenly, then sort out the appearance of burning, as there may be several reasons for the appearance of such a problem: this is the failure of one of the elements, and poor contact in the electrical circuit.

Consider the main causes of the smell of burning from the washing machine.

Breakdown of the electronic control module

A short circuit or malfunctioning of the connections and contacts may cause a fire of the device control module. Burning the contacts of the electronic module can often be accompanied by malfunctions of the unit. Washing machine control moduleAs a rule, it cannot be repaired, but needs to be replaced.

Door lock malfunction

The source of burning smell from the washing machine can be the so-called “pill” - an element of a door lock. In modern models, a hatch lock operating on thermocouples is used. Frequent power surges lead to breakdown of the “tablet”. To get rid of the problem - replace the door lock. You can do this as follows:

  1. Remove the wire fixing collar from the loading door of the device.
  2. Remove the rubber cuff.
  3. Unscrew 2 screws.
  4. Remove the lock.

Important! If, when checking the voltage, the results of 220 V are displayed on the contacts, which means that the cause of burning is a “tablet” malfunction.

  1. Instead of a faulty lock, install a new one, proceeding in the reverse order.

Important! To avoid a repetition of the situation, connect the washing machine through a quality voltage regulator.

Power supply failure

If the reason that when washing the washing machine was a burning smell was a failed power supply, then it is necessary to carry out diagnostics, ringing the elements of all electrical components. A wizard is required for such work, so call it.

Failure of the heater

The water heater may emit an unpleasant odor if villi, feathers, hair or PETN are wound around it, by mistake, turn on at the moment when there was no water in the tank. Heater contacts can also oxidize due to high humidity and operation and cause odor.

You can fix the problem by cleaning and re-soldering the burnt contacts. To clean the heater from objects, it is enough to drive the washing machine without laundry at maximum temperature with a cleaning agent (citric acid can be used).

Important! If, after washing the machine, the smell of burning is still felt, then the device must be disassembled, and the heater must be cleaned mechanically or replaced.

You can replace the heater yourself as follows:

  1. Disconnect the back of the unit housing and possibly the control panel.
  2. Disconnect the wires leading to the heating element.
  3. On the tightening bolt, loosen the nut and with one click drown the bolt inward.
  4. Remove the old heater.
  5. Install a new one in the reverse order.

Pump outage

Sometimes the pump can work continuously even after it has drained all the water, and at the same time, overheat and fail. As a result of such a breakdown, you can feel that when washing the washing machine there was a burning smell that comes from plastic.

A pump failure may indicate:

  • The presence of water in the tank after washing.
  • The presence of extraneous sound during the discharge of water.

To replace a faulty pump:

  1. Open the front panel of the device.
  2. Remove the filter. The pump propeller is located directly below the filter.
  3. Disconnect the wires from the pump, the drain hose from the scroll and loosen the clamps.
  4. Remove the tank nozzle.
  5. Loosen the fixing screw securing the snail to the machine.
  6. Remove the snail.

Important! If the snail is attached to the pump with screws, unscrew them. If snaps - bend them with a thin knife or a screwdriver.

  1. Separate the pump from the scroll by rotating it.
  2. Install the new pump in the reverse order, having previously cleaned the pump site.

Important! When disassembling, remember that the pump is in the correct position so that a new part can be installed faster and easier..

Belt damage

Due to prolonged use, changing the position of the pulley and deforming the bearing can lead to a change in belt tension. Then it starts to jam or fray. During the spin cycle, a damaged belt emits a specific odor that resembles burnt tires. Another sign of belt failure is the appearance of black and gray smoke.

To correct the situation and ensure that the smell of burning from the washing machine no longer appears, there is only one way - to replace the bearings and drive belt:

  1. Remove the back of the machine.
  2. Remove the old belt.

Important! Rewrite the marking on the drive belt and, using these indicators, select a new one.

  1. Check the motor pulley for residual old belt.
  2. Put the new belt on the engine pulley, and then throw it on the drum pulley.

Important! Often the belt is freely put on only a third, and then it must be fixed - with ties or hands. If you use ties, then the pulley of the drum must be gradually scrolled and cut the ropes.

  1. Once the belt is worn, align it so that it is centered, and not slide to the back wall or tank of the washing machine.
  2. Replacing bearings on their own is difficult. Such a procedure requires certain experience and special tools.

Water leak

There are frequent cases when, in violation of the integrity of the inlet hose, water enters the washing machine body, damaging the engine or wiring, causing a short circuit. A characteristic feature of this situation is the appearance of not only the smell of burning from the washing machine, but also smoke. First of all, eliminate the leak, then diagnose the motor. If it burns out, then repair or replacement is necessary.

Water leakage can also occur due to incorrect position of the hose relative to the connection or due to loosening of the threaded connection, as well as damage to the rubber or plastic part of the hose.

If the connection is loose, replace the rubber gasket in the nut and tighten it well. If the hose itself is damaged, replace it.

Important! If you have determined the cause of burning in the washing machine, but you cannot solve it yourself, then contact the master.

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The smell when the washing machine drains water

Consider another, often encountered, problem of the appearance of smell in the washing machine after draining the water.

If the washing machine releases water and emits the smell of hydrogen sulfide (sewage), most likely the machine is not connected correctly to the sewage system, and as a result, water stagnation and an unpleasant odor are formed. To fix the problem, call the wizard.

The second reason for the appearance of an unpleasant odor may be a dirty filter, because all the dirt from washes accumulates there. During the discharge of water, all these "amber" go out. Clean the drain filter once every six months. Use for this purpose special chemicals or folk - citric acid.

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Prevention measures:

  1. Ventilate the washing machine well after washing. Leave the door ajar for at least a couple of hours.
  2. Do not put dirty laundry in the washer. Use special baskets for this purpose.
  3. After washing, wipe the rubber cuff, as there is always water and sometimes small debris in its folds.
  4. Use a high-quality detergent when washing and apply the correct dosage.
  5. Make sure that there is no water left in the machine, which during idle time will start to “go out”, especially if the device is tightly closed.
  6. Keep the drain hose clean. On its walls, debris and powder residues can stick, which can rot and exude an unpleasant odor. Clean silted hose by running the machine without laundry at maximum temperature. If the hose still causes stench, you should replace drain hose on new.
  7. Descale the heater. One of the best anti-scale solutions is lemon acid.
  8. Timely troubleshoot common house communications.
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Treat household appliances carefully, use them correctly, listen to the tips and recommendations of the manufacturer, and then it will delight you with excellent work and the aromas of freshly washed linen for a long time. Let no odors emanating from the car upset you.

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