Sole of an eloxal iron - what is it?

Without an iron, no hostess can imagine her existence. And if the much-needed device is broken, then we immediately run to the home appliance store for a new one. Sole of an eloxal iron - what is it? - This question will inevitably arise for most consumers when familiarizing themselves with the assortment of various irons in the store. Those who purchased the ironing device not so long ago managed to find out that the technology has long gone ahead, and the soles of irons come not only from aluminum and stainless steel. To choose an iron that meets exactly your needs, you need to familiarize yourself with all the latest in this industry, their features, and then make a purchase. Otherwise, confused by unfamiliar terms (eloxal, Saphir, steamglide), buy something that is beneficial to the seller, and not something that suits you. In this article you will find information on the different types of irons, and also learn that this is the eloxal sole.

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Types of Irons

By properties, you can divide irons into:

  • Simple (they only have a temperature control function). These are home and travel irons without additional “bells and whistles”.
  • With a temperature controller and a water spray (a hole above the nose of the iron that gives out a stream of water when the button is pressed). And water, as we know, is sometimes needed when ironing some fabrics, for example flax.
  • Steam irons. They have a reservoir for water and openings in the sole for the release of steam, which helps smooth out “difficult” types of fabrics. In older models, steam is supplied only in horizontal position, and in new ones - in vertical too. This makes ironing available with steam of delicate fabrics directly on the trempel. In addition, they have the so-called “steam boost” - a one-time powerful release of a portion of steam to smooth wrinkles on a dense or rigid fabric.
  • Steam irons steam and ironing stations. These are expensive powerful professional ironing machines designed for clothing stores, tailor shops and fashion houses. They are very rarely purchased for home use, since this technique is bulky, with a large water tank (designed for a large number of clothes) and consuming a lot of electricity, and it costs a lot.

The first two species - this is the "last century". Such models are not in great demand today. Let us dwell on the most convenient steam irons for home use.

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The main differences between steam irons:

  1. Iron is not a washing machine with many additional features. In it, the main function is to regulate the temperature of the sole from the minimum (for synthetics) to the maximum (for flax, tweed). Different manufacturers may have different designations: numbers, dots, words. Our article will help you to understand in detail the decryption and application of such devices. "Setting the ironing mode".
  2. Also, irons can vary in power:
    • low-power (from 800 to 1400 watts) - these are mainly small road models;
    • average power (from 1400 to 1900 W) - for home use;
    • powerful (from 1900 W and more) - these are ironing machines for professionals.
  3. But the most important thing in the iron, on which we will dwell in detail, is its sole, and more specifically, the material from which it is made. First of all, the quality of ironing depends on this.

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What are the types of soles of irons?

The most important thing in the process of smoothing the fabric is how easily the iron glides on the surface and whether it will stick to it and leave glossy areas. For the safety of the iron itself, it is very important how its sole is resistant to scratches, since metal parts are often found on clothes. Different materials respond differently to similar problems. Consider this issue in more detail, having studied the most common types of surfaces.

Ceramics (enamel, cermets and more)

You need to understand that the sole is not all ceramic, it is just a coating of enamel on metal (aluminum, steel or their alloys). But despite this, the advantages of this version of the sole are more than enough:

  • Many prefer irons with ceramic soles, as they quickly heat up and hold heat for a long time.
  • Also, they easily glide over any fabrics, are very maneuverable and easy to clean.

A significant disadvantage of ceramics is its fragility:

  • accidental impact may form cracks and chips;
  • when the iron falls, even from a small height, the sole will completely fail.

Therefore, these models of iron require careful handling.

Important! All well-known manufacturers have a line of ceramic coated irons:

  1. Tefal;
  2. Philips
  3. Bosch - branded ceramic coating Palladium glissee;
  4. Zelmer - Pro steam technology;
  5. Electrolux


This type of coating is often used in kitchen utensils, so many housewives prefer teflon-coated irons, knowing that it does not stick to clothes.

Important! Such an iron will not leave tan marks on the blouse and will not stick to it.

But he:

  • It doesn’t easily slide on the fabric and easily scratches about zippers, buttons, and other elements of clothing decor.
  • Short-lived. Over time, it erases, so more modern technological soles materials gradually displace Teflon.

Important! Such irons are manufactured by Tefal, as well as Maxwell, Scarlett, Bosch.

Stainless steel

It is used in the vast majority of irons. This metal has many advantages:

  • inexpensive;
  • resistant to deformation and scratches;
  • corrosion resistant;
  • easily glides over the surface of tissues.

Previously, stainless steel was used to produce the soles of irons in a pure form, but now many people coat it with spraying or apply alloys. This improves the speed and ease of sliding.

Important! Rowenta was the first to use steel instead of aluminum (it produces a series of irons with a Microsteam 400 Platinum sole, which has a special nanoglass coating and hundreds of microholes to create a steam cushion during ironing).


This metal has taken the place of cast iron in the production of irons, as it is smoother and lighter.

Its significant disadvantages are:

  • softness - it is very easily scratched and deformed;
  • on some fabrics, it leaves lasa (shiny traces).

Therefore, pure aluminum soles have not been used for a long time.

Important! Many manufacturers have developed their patented alloys and coatings that preserve all the advantages of aluminum, neutralizing its shortcomings. The first on this list are Braun and Philips. Let us dwell on their achievements in more detail, since irons with these soles are very popular among buyers.

Sole Еloxal

Braun has developed a new durable coating - the eloxal sole (stands for “oxidized aluminum electrolyte”).

This technology, which, by the way, has been successfully used in other areas, such as the automotive industry, can achieve serious damage resistance, but at the same time there are:

  • a light weight;
  • excellent thermal conductivity;
  • reasonable price of aluminum.

Important! Irons with an eloxal sole are presented in the Texstyle series (for example, Braun Texstyle 5, where there is an additional sole for ironing delicate fabrics).

Sole Sapphire (Saphir)

Another interesting development by Braun. They patented the production of stainless steel soles of the iron, which is sprayed with corundum - a solid mineral grown artificially.

Important! Do not forget that the convenience of any model of iron will largely depend on where exactly you put your clothes in order. Follow the link to pick up and immediately with an iron good ironing board.

What does it give:

  • The material has a high hardness on the Mohs scale (not far from diamond). It was renamed sapphire for sonority, which undoubtedly attracts the attention of buyers.
  • This “sapphire spraying” gives the soleplate extra strength, wear resistance and perfect glide.

Important! With such an ironing device, you can fearlessly iron dresses with zippers, shirts with metal buttons and rivets. This will in no way damage the coating. A striking example of a model is the Braun SI 530 iron.

Steamglide Sole

Philips, in turn, offers us its vision of the perfect iron for demanding housewives. The sole is made of alloy steel. This is a multilayer surface consisting of alloys of metals, silicon, ceramics, as well as an oxide layer to increase strength.

Her characteristics:

  • It is scratch resistant and glides on easily.
  • Another feature of this product line is the presence of numerous holes of different sizes and shapes for the release of steam (“steam glide”), which creates a steam cushion during ironing.

Important! Not so long ago, Philips released new models with a T-ionicGlide sole, and said that they are even stronger and have more steam holes, which improves the quality of ironing.

Other innovations:

  • In addition, Philips has a series of irons with soles of Careeza and Anodilium - this is an alloy of yellowish color, aluterm (aluminum after heat treatment). It does not stick, easily moves along the fabric, without leaving puffs on thin matter and is resistant to scratches.
  • The sole of the iron made of anodized aluminum was developed and successfully used by Electrolux (Superior glide EDB 75400). It is not inferior in quality to the models listed above.
  • Bosch developed its Inox know-how - the aluminum sole (with its excellent thermal conductivity) was coated with a layer of stainless steel (with its resistance to mechanical damage). Inox soles on Bosch irons (for example, model B25L professional or TLB4003N) quickly heat up and cool down, perfectly smooth and steam the fabric, and are very scratch resistant.
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Which iron to choose?

After you familiarized yourself with the pros and cons of various types of irons, you learned not only about the sole of the eloxal iron - what it is, but also about all other options, you can safely go for a new thing. What to pay special attention to when choosing an ironing technique?

The size:

  • If you iron a little and mostly clothes, and in addition, often travel, then get a small iron with a stainless steel sole.
  • And if you iron often and a lot, then the iron should be with a large sole area in order to reduce the time and effort when ironing.

Steam function

Almost all models of irons are already available with a steam function (there’s no need to talk about old models without it), which greatly simplifies the ironing process:

  • But if you often encounter “difficult to smooth” fabric, then you need to choose a model with a steam boost and a sharp nose (to get it everywhere).
  • If you like clothes made of silk, chiffon and fine synthetics, then it will be easier to iron directly on their shoulders with an iron with the function of vertical steaming.

Important! An additional self-cleaning function for descaling will be useful. If this is not enough for you, a more detailed overview of all the criteria for selecting an iron is ready in a special article - "How to choose an iron?".

Type of sole:

  1. With frequent ironing of different clothes, it is important to be sure that nothing threatens the iron (scratches, carbon deposits). Therefore, it is best to bypass in the store irons with soles of aluminum and Teflon, but the rest is worth considering.
  2. If you have enough money, take a look at the iron with a titanium sole. Ceramics are also good, but only if you are careful with them.
  3. If you are not ready to pay a lot of money for an iron, then stainless steel or aluminum in combination with alloys and special coatings is the most durable, lightweight and low-cost option (eloxal sole, for example).


Here you can’t find comrades for taste and color. Very often we give preference to a specific brand, which in practice has confirmed its quality. Most choose products from European manufacturers, there are, of course, lovers of domestic brands.

The only thing you should focus on is to buy irons from official representatives, where they will give you a guarantee and provide service repairs if necessary. You should not take goods from unknown Chinese “scammers” in the markets. You can save now, and in a week throw the iron in the trash.

Important! Remember that all things need proper care, so that they stay comfortable, beautiful for longer. This will help you decoding of badges on clothes.

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Having familiarized yourself with all the important nuances of choosing an iron, you will get a really good model that suits all your requirements.

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