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Many housewives can no longer imagine their life without a dishwasher. This equipment, which can be installed so that it will be almost imperceptible in the kitchen, or vice versa, will emphasize the modern style of the interior, significantly save time, effort, and contribute to a good mood. If your attention was drawn to the Bosch dishwasher (silence plus, spv, super, comfort, automatic, electronic, robert, etc.), the operating instructions will help you quickly understand the controls and settings. In Bosch, the manufacturer indicates the most important points from installation, technical parameters to the use and disposal of the device. We draw your attention to the main points of the instruction: adjustment, modes.

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General information

The PPM manual for the technique is quite detailed, in Russian and supplemented with illustrations of examples. In general terms, the manual for the Bosch dishwasher contains:

  1. Safety precautions.
  2. Instructions for connecting the device.
  3. Instructions for the first launch.
  4. Overview of the operation and main parts of the device.
  5. Recommendations for the use of detergents.
  6. Options for the location of dishes.
  7. Instructions and descriptions for the programs.
  8. Care recommendations.
  9. Possible malfunctions.
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Safety precautions

When working with any household appliances, you must follow the safety rules. No exception and the dishwasher Bosch. The instruction manual provides for various cases: from the moment of receipt of the goods, to its installation and use.

Important! Upon receipt of the goods, the manufacturer recommends immediately checking the safety of the packaging and the integrity of the device. And if at this stage any malfunctions are noticed, then you cannot use the device, but you should contact the supplier to find out the reasons and indicate further actions.

The manufacturer recommends packing the packaging at special collection points, and indicates which materials it is made of.


When installing the Bosch dishwasher, the device must clearly follow all instructions:

  • Be sure to check if the device is disconnected from the power supply;
  • To study the manufacturer’s recommendations for the wire protection system and make sure of their reliability;
  • Compare the characteristics of the network with the parameters necessary for the operation of the device;
  • Reliably fix the device and ensure its stability;
  • Provide easy access to connect and disconnect the device from the network.

Important! These general rules are also respected if you decide to buy and install brand-name dishwashers:

  1. Ariston;
  2. Electrolux;
  3. Virpul.

In their assortment you will find different models:


The manufacturer highlighted particularly important warnings separately:

  1. Sharp objects must be placed in a special cutlery compartment with the point down, or horizontally in the dishware compartment.
  2. Machines intended for use at home cannot be operated in factories, cafes, restaurants.
  3. Do not place heavy objects on the open door, sit down, or stand up.Otherwise, the device will not support the weight and will turn over.
  4. Do not overload the baskets to prevent the appliance from tipping over.
  5. Do not use solvents for washing. The device may explode.
  6. Never drink water from a dishwasher.
  7. Be sure to use quality detergents suitable for your type of machine and follow the instructions of their manufacturer.
  8. If there are children in the house, it is better to use a device with a protective lock, do not allow children to use the device or play with it. Detergents must be stored out of the reach of children.
  9. If you need to repair the device, you should contact a qualified specialist. All work must be carried out with the power turned off and there is no water supply.

Important! Also note that for different models of this brand there may be slight differences in operation, but the basic safety measures remain unchanged.

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For your device to work for a long time, you need to connect it qualitatively.

Before connecting, check all the necessary parameters regarding hoses and power supply.

For a successful installation, proceed in the following sequence:

  1. Checking the device at the time of purchase.
  2. Installation - all necessary actions are described in detail in the instructions for a specific model. Remember to align the appliance with the adjustable feet so that the machine does not swing.
  3. Connecting the device to the drain - done according to the instructions for the Bosch dishwasher, if necessary an additional siphon is installed. Carefully consider the quality of fasteners and sealing joints, and make sure that the hose does not bend.
  4. The connection in the water supply must be made according to the manufacturer's instructions. Connect the hose to the water tap and check that it is not squeezed or kinked. Connection must be made to cold water.

Important! Water pressure should be at least 0.5 bar, but not more than 10 bar. If the pressure is higher, additional protection must be installed.

  1. Mains connection - check if the voltage in the socket corresponds to the data indicated by the manufacturer. The outlet should be located next to the device and be easily accessible for connecting and disconnecting it from the network.

In general, the installation of a Bosch dishwasher is no different from any other popular brands. But in order to avoid problems, be sure to study all the manufacturer's recommendations and clearly follow his instructions.

After familiarizing yourself with safety precautions and installation rules, you need to figure out how to work with the device.

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Device operation: basic rules

The first time you turn on the machine is a very important event, treat it with attention, because if you start working with the device incorrectly, there is a risk of breakdown.

Please note that not all dishes are suitable for washing in the device.

List of unsuitable cookware:

  • wood utensils;
  • antiques;
  • thin-walled dishes;
  • hand-painted dishes;
  • plastic containers, glasses, sensitive to hot temperatures;
  • tin or copper items;
  • absorbent materials (textiles, sponges, etc.).

Important! The manufacturer recommends using only the dishes that have a mark on their packaging that they can be washed in dishwashers.

Next, you need to figure out how to place objects for the best washing effect.

Item Arrangement

In order for the operation of the device to always please you, it is enough to adhere to simple rules.


  1. Before you put the dishes in the device, remove the remnants of food, bones and other large contaminants from it. Rinse dishes before washing is not necessary.
  2. Place the dishes so that they are in a stable position and do not interfere with the operation of the device. Small appliances that fall out of the tray should be washed by hand.
  3. Spoons, forks and other appliances should be placed without sorting, concave side down.Sharp objects are pointed down in a special compartment.
  4. At the end of the washing cycle - first dismantle the lower tray, and then the upper one.

Another important point in the successful operation of the dishwasher is the selection of detergent.

Use of detergents

For dishwashers today, a lot of various means have been developed:

Important! Use only detergents suitable for dishwashers, as conventional detergents by hand can cause severe damage to the appliance.

A special compartment for detergents is installed in the devices, the necessary dosage must be clarified on the packaging. Also required special softening salt.

After choosing the right tool, you should deal with a suitable program.


On the device panel there is a memo with the main programs available for your model.

Important! Be sure to consider the contamination of the dishes, its volume and the material from which it is made, then you can choose the most suitable program.

If there are few dishes, then even with intense pollution, you can choose a short washing cycle. After selecting the desired program, you can connect the device.

Turn on, turn off and interrupt operation

To turn on the device, perform the following sequence:

  1. Open the water tap.
  2. Open the door of the device.
  3. Press the enable button.
  4. Select the required program, press the corresponding button.
  5. Close the door.

The program will start after closing.

To turn off the device, a specific procedure is also provided:

  1. Wait for the cycle to end and unlock the door.
  2. Open the door completely.
  3. Press the power button.
  4. Turn off the water supply (if the device is equipped with an Aquastop protection system - this item can be skipped).
  5. Wait for the dishes to cool and pull them out of the device.

If necessary, temporarily interrupt the washing cycle:

  1. Open the appliance door.
  2. Turn off the device using the on / off button.
  3. To continue the cycle, press the on / off button again and close the door.

Important! The installed program must be saved in the memory of the device, and it will resume its work.

Another important point of the instruction are the manufacturer's recommendations for the care of the device, its prevention, as well as tips for troubleshooting.

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Faults and their prevention

The manufacturer recommends inspecting the machine for malfunctions and eliminating them before a breakdown occurs.

Care and Prevention Tips

  1. Carry out a regular inspection of the general condition of the device - for the presence of deposits of fat and limescale. If available, take corrective action.
  2. Be sure to wipe the gasket between the device and the door.
  3. Do not use products containing chlorine for cleaning. steam cleaners. This can lead to damage to machines or to the ingress of chlorine particles into dishes and food.
  4. Be sure to wipe the control panel and the walls of the device with a soft cloth.
  5. Do not use hard or metal sponges for cleaning, as they may damage the device.
  6. Check the filters for contamination after each wash. If there is any contamination, unscrew the filter, rinse it with cool water, and then reinstall it.
  7. Monitor the condition of the sprinklers, if there is any contamination on them - remove them, rinse, and then reinstall them.

Important! With quality care for the device - it will last you a long time and no malfunctions will arise. But if something in the operation of the machine bothers you, it is better not to wait, but to diagnose the problem in time.

Possible malfunctions

Be sure to remember that if the device needs repair, you need to contact the professionals.

Important! Use only high-quality materials and spare parts from the manufacturer, so you protect yourself and the device.

Breakdowns and their causes:

  1. The most common problem is that the machine does not turn on. There are several possible solutions:
    • check the fuse - it may be defective;
    • check the electrical connection;
    • check if the door is closed tightly;
    • Check the water supply and drain hose filters - they may be clogged.
  1. If the lower sprayer is heavily rotated, check for food residue or coarse dirt on it.
  2. If the detergent drawer does not close, it is possible that the measuring container is full or that residues of detergent have stuck to the walls and prevent the drawer from closing.
  3. If the machine turns on, but the lights on it blink, it is possible that you have not selected a program.
  4. With luminous bulbs at the end of the cycle - the device still works.
  5. If the device indicates a lack of water supply, check whether the tap is open. If the tap is open, check if the water has been turned off.

Important! Also possible options when this indicator lights up may be filter blockage or hose kink.

If there are breakdowns that cannot be dealt with on your own, you need to contact a service center.

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If you operate the device correctly and carry out preventive measures in time, then you will provide yourself with a convenient and comfortable assistant for a long time. And the manual for the Bosch dishwasher will help you with this.

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