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Choosing household appliances for the home, every housewife seeks to choose the most reliable and convenient unit to use and maintain. Especially when it is a dishwasher, which will have to be used every day, or even several times a day. The Hans dishwasher, the instructions for which are set out in several languages ​​in a form intelligible for any user, is German quality combined with a rich history and constant development of the brand. Let's talk more about the various models of this German brand.

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How to turn on the car? Any manual for Hansa household appliances is quite detailed and contains about 40 pages of text, diagrams, tables and photos that are convenient to use both when connecting the device and installing it, and when using it directly, you can also see how the machine turns on there.

On the first pages, the manufacturer writes a greeting and gratitude for choosing a brand, as well as a recommendation to carefully read the instructions for a specific model before using it.

Instructions sections:

  • symbols used in the instruction and their interpretation;
  • Hans dishwasher safety precautions;
  • installation instructions;
  • description of the main parts of the machine;
  • recommendations for preparation for launch;
  • description and selection of washing programs;
  • cleaning and maintenance tips;
  • possible errors and solutions;
  • data sheet of the device.

Any Hans dishwasher is equipped with similar information. The instruction is also supplemented with practical advice from the manufacturer.

Important! You will find similar recommendations in the instructions for any equipment from different manufacturers. If you have not bought it yet, but are just planning to get a dishwasher, perhaps our reviews of the best models in the categories will help you:

  1. Dishwasher small.
  2. Freestanding dishwasher.

Let's consider the most important points in more detail.

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Safety precautions

In this section, the manufacturer gives valuable instructions, observing that you can use the device correctly and do not harm yourself:

  1. Check the packaging and integrity of the machine upon receipt. If you have any doubts about the integrity of the device, do not use it, but contact the seller for clarification.
  2. Before connecting the device to the network, you must install the grounding of the outlet. Doing this yourself is strictly prohibited, so you will have to consult a specialist.
  3. Before switching on, check the power readings with the readings necessary for the operation of the Hans dishwasher.
  4. During installation or repair, the power and water supply to the device must be disconnected.
  5. The manufacturer does not recommend using a connection through an extension cord, and also asks to use only the original plug for connection to the network. An outlet and plug must be provided with quick and easy access.
  6. It is forbidden to use the Hans dishwasher by persons who have not studied safety measures, people with physical or mental disabilities, if the danger of using the device is high.
  7. A separate instruction for the Hans dishwasher also highlights the operation of the device by children.Washing dishes in it is allowed for children from 8 years old, when they undergo instruction and understanding of the dangers that occur when mistreated. Children under three years old are not allowed to access the device. It is forbidden to play with the machine, drink water from the appliance, and detergents must be stored out of the reach of children.
  8. During use, it should be remembered that water can be heated, so when you open the door when executing the program, there is a high risk of burns.
  9. To avoid injuries with sharp objects, they are placed horizontally in the upper compartment or with the tip pointed down in the cutlery compartment.
  10. It is forbidden to use the Hansa dishwasher for purposes other than the direct purpose - washing dishes.
  11. Do not use solvents in the device, since there is a high risk of explosion.
  12. It is forbidden to sit down, stand up or put heavy objects on the door of the device - the machine may overturn.
  13. If repair is needed, you should contact a specialist.

These are the main recommendations of the manufacturer for the safe handling of equipment. You can always find more detailed requirements and recommendations in the instructions for your model or use our article, which describes processes in detail installation and connection of a dishwasher.

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Device structure

The device of dishwashers is determined by the manufacturer and depends on the specific model, it can also be built-in. In general terms, the device is as follows:

  • drain hose and water hose fitting;
  • filters and sprayers;
  • inner tube;
  • dispensers for salt and detergents;
  • cutlery shelf;
  • shelf for cups;
  • lower and upper baskets;
  • control panel with display.

Important! Please note that some models may not have some parts or that the Hans dishwasher may be supplemented. Always check the details in the instructions.

Next, we will analyze how to properly place the dishes in the dishwasher.

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Loading machine

You can highlight the basic rules for loading products into the device, compliance with which will allow you to use it most effectively.

Upper basket

In this basket you can arrange fragile glassware, porcelain, as well as tea pairs, cups and glasses. You can also place cutlery between them. Dishes should be laid out so that the spray guns do not touch it when the device is in operation.

Important! It should be remembered that products located in the upper basket should be lightly soiled.

Lower basket

You can put more soiled items and deep dishes in this basket. For example: bowls, pans, baking sheets. As in the case with the top, it is necessary to arrange objects in such a way that they do not touch them when the device is operating. And for the water to drain, it is better to put the products upside down.

Cutlery tray

If the machine is equipped with a special compartment, then the cutlery should be placed in it. It is important to fold them with their arms up, to position the longest devices in the middle, and also to ensure that they do not cling to each other.

For more information on loading rules, see the Hansa dishwasher instructions for your particular model. Our article will also help you, how to use a dishwasher.

Let's take a closer look at the design of Hansa machines using several models as examples.

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Hansa ZWM 476 SEH

This is a full-sized dishwasher with six different programs and five temperature settings, as well as Aquastop leakage protection. The device holds up to 10 sets of dishes. Type of control device - electronic.

Consider the main indicators and buttons on the control panel.


  1. Power supply. When the indicator is on, the machine is connected to the network.
  2. Program indicators. Indicates the selected cycle.
  3. ½ download. When the indicator is on, it means that the half load function is active.
  4. Lack of solution for the shine of dishes - if it burns, you must add the product to the compartment.
  5. Lack of salt - with the indicator lit, add salt to the appropriate compartment.


  1. Turn on / off the device. By pressing this button, electricity flows into the device or stops.
  2. Program selection. This button allows you to select the desired washing cycle.
  3. ½ download Enables the half load function. It can be used if you have accumulated less than 7 sets of dishes.
  4. Start / Reboot. Used to repeat startup, select a cycle, or reboot the device.

Next, we’ll talk about the washing cycles available for this model.


The model has six modes:

  1. Daily washing - designed for washing dishes without dried dirt.
  2. Intensive mode - allows you to wash heavy contaminants, but without dried particles of food.
  3. Delicate cycle - will help to wash dishes from glass or porcelain, but without strong pollution.
  4. Eco 50 - allows you to wash more soiled products from glass or porcelain.
  5. Hourly cycle - designed for dishes with little pollution, without additional drying of products.
  6. Soaking mode - helps to get rid of dried mud before the main wash.

Important! Switching on is possible only after filling with means of all necessary containers and loading it with utensils. In order not to spend a lot of money on the purchase of consumables, but also not to lose on the quality of detergents, use our thematic collections:

First start

In order to start the washing cycle, you must perform a certain procedure:

  1. Loading dirty dishes into the device and sliding it to the back wall.
  2. Add detergents, salt and rinse aid to the required compartments.
  3. Connect the device to the network and open the water supply.
  4. Use the program selection button to set the desired mode.
  5. Press the start button to start the device.

The dishwasher will start operating approximately 10 seconds after starting.

Important! You can also change the program, but before the machine begins to wash detergent from the trays. To do this, open the door. The machine will automatically pause its work. Next, you can select the desired program and close the door. The device will resume operation in the new mode after about 10 seconds.

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Hansa ZIM 414 H

This built-in dishwasher holds up to 9 standard sets of dishes. The model has 4 programs and is protected from leaks.

Control Panel

Key control panel elements include:

  1. Buttons for selecting a washing program.
  2. Program indicators.
  3. Indicators of lack of salt and rinse aid.
  4. The on / off button of the device and its corresponding indicator.


The model is equipped with four programs:

  1. Intensive mode - allows you to wash very dirty dishes, with dried particles. The cycle lasts 130 minutes.
  2. A short wash is a half-hour regime that can handle lightly soiled dishes without starch.
  3. IVF program - will help wash dishes of a light degree of pollution, but will cope with starch. The cycle time is 160 minutes.
  4. 3 in 1 mode - a cycle suitable for daily washing dishes with dried dirt lasting 160 minutes.

Important! All programs additionally dry dishes, except for a short cycle.

The first startup sequence is similar to the ZIM 414 H.

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Hansa ZIM 636 EH

This built-in dishwasher holds up to 14 sets of dishes. It has 6 programs, electronic control, and is also equipped with a child lock and leakage protection. An additional nice bonus is the delayed start function.


The control panel consists of buttons and indicators. There are several more of them than in the previously considered models:

  1. The on / off button and its corresponding indicator.
  2. Warning indicator that salt or rinse is running out.
  3. Indicator and start delay button. The delayed start time can be set to 3, 6 or 9 hours.
  4. Indicator and ½ download button. The button allows you to select this program and the corresponding lamp lights up.
  5. Pointer to the selected mode.


  1. Intensive - suitable even for dried up dirt. The cycle time is 140 minutes.
  2. Normal washing - daily cleaning mode. Devices may be leftover food, but not dried out. The cycle lasts 160 minutes.
  3. Eco mode - allows you to wash medium pollution, and is also suitable for daily washing. Its duration is 170 minutes.
  4. Glassware - allows you to wash dishes with little dirt and glassware. The duration of the regime is two hours.
  5. Hourly mode - suitable for dishes with little pollution, which does not require perfect drying. Duration - 60 minutes.
  6. Quick wash - allows you to wash dishes with light dirt in half an hour, without using drying.

Important! The end of the cycle is supplemented by a sound signal.

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Hansa zwm4577wh

This is an outdoor, stand-alone, electronically controlled device that holds up to nine sets of dishes. The dishwasher is equipped with five programs and five temperature modes, as well as Aquastop protection.

Control Panel

Device control consists in pressing the corresponding buttons and their combinations.

Buttons and indicators:

  • signal and power on / off button;
  • signal about the need to fill the compartment for salt, rinse aid;
  • half load function enable signal;
  • mode selection buttons and LEDs to them.


  1. The usual cycle is to clean lightly soiled dishes without dried particles. Duration - two hours.
  2. Intensive mode - allows you to wash strong, even dried up dirt. The washing time is 155 minutes.
  3. Eco mode - suitable for washing fragile materials such as glass or porcelain. The duration of the cycle is 160 minutes.
  4. Express - a short hour cycle, suitable for small contaminants of products that can do without drying.
  5. Rapid is a very fast half-hour program that is suitable for light soiling without drying.
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Stock footage

These are the main points that you should pay attention to when working with equipment such as the Hansa dishwasher. Instructions for specific models must be included with the device, and must be studied before work.

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