How to quickly defrost a refrigerator 🥝 Atlant 2 chamber

Any technique requires timely and proper care. This is a guarantee that she will regularly perform her actions and will not fail prematurely. This article is about fast, quality, and safe defrosting of refrigerators. As an example, we take the situation when you need a defrosting refrigerator "Atlant" two-chamber, as this is one of the most common brands.

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Why is a “fur coat” made of ice dangerous?

Snow accumulated in the freezer does not adversely affect the refrigeration unit itself. However, the snow layer conducts heat poorly, as a result - the heat exchange between the products in the freezer and the evaporator is disrupted. This leads to a deterioration in the quality of the freezing of products.

In addition, there is a risk of damage to the parts of the freezer when trying to remove frozen products in the snow. And the process of defrosting the refrigerator “Atlant” of the two-chamber is significantly complicated, because you have to remove a large amount of water from the chamber.

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Basic rules for defrosting

The freezer in the Atlant refrigerator is divided into 3 sectors:

  • The lowest temperature is maintained at the top.
  • The two lower sectors are designed for long-term storage and freezing of food.

Important! The compartments are divided using partitions. Cooling tubes are located along one of the sides of the partitions. It is on these tubes that the ice “fur coat” most intensively freezes and does not melt for a sufficiently long time. So that the defrosting process takes place as quickly as possible, the ice is removed, first of all, in these places.

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What may be needed to defrost a refrigerator?

Instructions for defrosting the Atlant refrigerator not for a whole day, but to finish cleaning the unit as quickly as possible. Prepare such cleaning devices:

  • Bucket, basin.
  • Fan or dryer for drying hair - to speed up defrosting.
  • Means for defrosting the freezer (optional).
  • Towels, clean soft rags.
  • A sponge on one side of which there is a hard layer.

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How to defrost the Atlant refrigerator - procedure:

  1. Unplug the refrigerator.
  2. Remove all food from the freezer. Fold them in a basin.

Important! If you have another refrigerator, put the food in another freezer.

  1. Remove the ice tray and all the boxes.

Important! While the ice in the freezer is melting, you can clean the compressor of the freezer and check the integrity of the seal on the door.

  1. Draw hot water into a bucket. You will also need a sponge with a hard layer. To collect ice waste, prepare a basin.
  2. Wet the sponge in water and begin to clear the surface of the chamber from ice. Thanks to hot water, the ice melts quickly enough. Non-melted pieces are quite easily removed manually. Put pieces of ice in a basin.

Important! To make the process go faster, do not forget to wet the sponge in hot water.

  1. Ice at the bottom of the chamber falls off on its own.

Important! To speed things up, lightly tap the surface of the camera with your hand (but not hard!). The fur coat melts quickly. Just have time to collect pieces of ice and melt water so that it does not spill onto the floor.

  1. The lower compartments are easy to defrost. Much harder with cooling tubes at the top of the freezer. For quick defrosting, go with the sponge dipped in hot water along the bottom of the sector, and then start blowing hot air from the hair dryer into the compartment.

After the main ice mass has melted, the excess water has been removed and the broken pieces of ice have been disposed of, it remains to proceed to the final part of the defrosting of the Atlant refrigerator:

  1. Direct hot air from the hairdryer to the places where most of the ice remains.
  2. Collect broken ice in a basin.
  3. Do this manipulation until the freezer is completely free of ice.
  4. After the ice has been completely removed, it remains only to dry the freezer with the same hairdryer or a towel made of cotton cloth.
  5. Wash all trays and drawers, put them in place.
  6. Connect the refrigerator to the mains with the thermostat set to zero. When the unit is cold, put the food back in the chamber.

Important! Before storing food, make sure that the expiration date has not expired. If they are overdue, then such “Chelyuskinites” must be removed from the refrigerator so as not to damage the health of the whole family.

Why is this method good?

  • First of all, the fact that the bulk of the ice melts in a basin, and not in the freezer.
  • You did not wait until the frozen “coat” melts naturally, but accelerated the process. This is a significant time saver.
  • At the same time, act with maximum accuracy.

Important! If the two-compartment refrigerator has a separate control and a separate principle of operation, you can separately defrost the refrigerator and freezer compartment - as frost appears in each compartment.

When you have successfully completed the task, proceed to the complex washing of the unit. Here you can find our tips:

  1. How to wash the refrigerator inside from yellowness?
  2. How to wash the refrigerator from mold?
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Special defrosting agents

They are sold in supermarkets and specialized household appliance stores. This is the spray with which the ice crust on the walls of the freezer melts in literally minutes:

  1. Spray the substance onto the surface of the ice and let it sit for about 10 minutes.
  2. Remains of ice are cleared with incredible ease.
  3. Now all you have to do is wipe the freezer dry.

Important! If after defrosting you notice a specific and not particularly pleasant amber, add one more step to the process. Arm yourself with one of the tools offered by our experts to wash the refrigerator and destroy the smell.

The entire defrosting of the Atlant refrigerator with a two-chamber will take no more than half an hour. Naturally, frozen foods will not have time to melt in such a short time, even in extreme heat.

Important! When choosing a refrigerator, pay attention to the presence of a drain hole and thread for connecting the hose. This will greatly simplify the cleaning of water inside the unit and help to avoid clutter in the kitchen.

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Features of defrosting the refrigerator in hot weather

Defrosting in the heat is more difficult than in the cool season, since the refrigerator will have to re-accumulate cold. For hot rooms there is a risk of excessive load on the compressor, which leads to the failure of the refrigerator and reduce its operation. To minimize this risk, after defrosting, switch the unit on at night when there is no heat.

To speed up the defrosting process, point the fan on to the camera. Do not forget to turn off the refrigerator! Ice thaws much faster.At the end of the defrosting process, wipe the chamber very carefully and place it inside odor absorber for refrigerator.

Important! Do not let water run inside the refrigerator to prevent corrosion of metal components. Therefore, do not be lazy to remove melt water in time, including from the freezer.

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No Frost system: defrost or not?

The presence of the No Frost system has the advantage that there is no need for manual defrosting of the Atlant refrigerator. The system assumes the operation of the unit according to a certain algorithm, according to which the evaporator defrosts in automatic mode. The malfunction of the refrigerator is indicated by the freezing of a thick ice crust.

Important! An ice layer can damage the fan blades. And this is the risk of overheating and motor failure.

The difficulty is that the diagnosis of incorrect operation of the device with No Frost is a rather complicated matter, which only a highly qualified specialist will cope with. For this reason, many masters simply do not undertake the repair of such complex equipment and advise customers to use manual defrosting.

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Defrosting the Atlas Two-Chamber Refrigerator: The Most Common Mistakes

When caring for the refrigerator, try to avoid these errors, which can lead to the failure of the unit:

  • The use of sharp objects for chipping ice. You can accidentally damage the cooling system with a sharp object (such as a knife). There is a risk that the 2-chamber refrigerator will fail.
  • The use of boiling water (not to be confused simply with hot water!) For quick defrosting can lead to damage to the unit due to a quick change in temperature.

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Defrosting frequency:

  • Defrosting 1-2 times a year is enough for Nou Frost refrigerators.
  • In other units, the frequency of defrosting depends on the rate of rise of the snow "coat."

Important! In any case, you will have to defrost the device 2-3 times during the warm season.

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Stock footage

Now you have an idea of ​​how the defrosting of the Atlant refrigerator with two chambers should take place, and using this guide to action, you can take care of similar equipment of another brand. The main thing is not to forget to do this with a certain regularity, so that the equipment works properly and keeps your products fresh.

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