How to defrost a refrigerator Atlant 🥝 Indesit, defrosting a freezer Nou Frost

Today it is impossible to imagine a house in which there would be no household appliances. Smart assistants make our life easier and do a lot of housework, freeing us time for hobbies and other more important things. One such assistant is the fridge. He is in every house. Modern models practically do not need your attention and care, as they are equipped with systems that automatically monitor all processes. But if you have a model of an earlier release, then you probably have a question about defrosting it. Let's see how to properly and quickly defrost a No Frost refrigerator, earlier models, and how often you need to do this.

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Types of refrigerators - what you need to know?

Let's take a look at the types of two-chamber refrigerators.

Distinguish single-compressor and two-compressor two-chamber refrigerators:

  1. Single-compressor defrosts in the same way as single-chamber ones - in them, defrosting occurs simultaneously in both chambers.
  2. In a two-compressor, it is possible to defrost the refrigerator and freezer separately.

Defrosting the refrigerator can also occur in several modes:

  • manual;
  • automatic (thaws independently);
  • mixed (in this mode, you must first defrost one camera and only then another).

Just look at the instruction manual to understand what type of defrost is provided in your refrigerator.

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How to defrost a Nou Frost refrigerator?

Refrigerator Nou frost defrosts on its own without human intervention. The system itself monitors the evaporation of moisture and melting ice, and also provides for regular defrosting with the establishment of a given mode as frost forms.

There are two types of defrosting conditions for such units: drip and windy:

  1. With a drip system, the liquid accumulates on the back wall and evaporates.
  2. When windy - the air circulates inside the chamber, as in an air conditioner. Moisture settles on a cold surface, and when the compressor is temporarily turned off, hoarfrost evaporates using a heater.

Important! Despite the “independence” of your assistant, at least once a year nevertheless carry out a general cleaning and defrosting in it manually. This is done to get rid of possibly accumulated bacteria and microorganisms, eliminate odors and extend the life of the device.

People often ask how to defrost a two-chamber refrigerator of a particular brand, for example, Samsung or Indesit. It should be noted here that regardless of the brand of the manufacturer, the principle of defrosting is the same for all refrigerators. If you find ice in the refrigerator, it means it needs to be defrosted.

Important! Defrosting completely updates the cycle of the device, allowing it to work more powerful and more productive.

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How to defrost a two-chamber refrigerator?

To properly defrost a refrigerator with a manual defrost system, proceed as follows:

  1. Free up implement space from all contents. Chilled foods must be put together with those frozen in a cool place. Nothing will happen to them in a few hours.
  2. Unplug the appliance.
  3. Place shelves for collecting melt water.
  4. Leave the door open and lock it - this will defrost more actively.
  5. Place a large rag on the floor in front of the refrigerator so that leaked water is absorbed.
  6. Leave to defrost for several hours - the time varies depending on the amount of accumulated ice.
  7. After making sure that the refrigerator is completely defrosted, wash all surfaces, as well as shelves with neutral detergent or soda. Then wipe with alcohol or vinegar to disinfect and remove odors;
  8. Wipe dry (required!) And plug in.
  9. Let the refrigerator run for a bit before loading food into it.

Important! On average, the entire process of defrosting will take you 4-6 hours. In order not to do this again unscheduled, immediately clean the inside of the general cleaning. Critically examine all surfaces of the refrigerator, and, depending on the problem, use our methods from the means collected in the articles:

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What should not be done when defrosting a refrigerator?

Regardless of whether you plan to defrost the refrigerator No Frost or more models with manual defrosting of the old model, follow these rules:

  • In no case do not remove the frost and frost with a knife or other sharp objects - you run the risk of permanently spoiling your refrigerator by accidentally piercing the cooling pipes or violating the integrity of the unit.
  • Do not let water run inside the refrigerator, clean and squeeze water in a timely manner - this will help to avoid corrosion of the internal metal elements.
  • Do not turn on the refrigerator with wet walls and shelves - give it time to dry or wipe dry.
  • It is advisable not to defrost in hot weather, despite the fact that the defrosting process itself is accelerated, it will be much more difficult for the unit to restore the required temperature level. If you are defrosting in the summer, wait until the night when the heat subsides and then proceed to the procedure.

Important! In almost every refrigerator, during prolonged use and defrosting, an unpleasant amber occurs - from the frost itself, from the mixed aromas of fresh and finished products. The washing process in this case can be directed to the neutralization of this smell. Here you will come in handy tips and methods of experienced housewives, which we have detailed in the articles:

  1. How to wash the refrigerator to destroy the smell?
  2. Odor absorber for refrigerator.

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How to quickly defrost a two-chamber refrigerator?

If you need to speed up the defrosting process, you can do the following:

  • place on the shelves containers with hot water;
  • use a fan with a temperature controller, directing a stream of warm air into the refrigerator;
  • use a vacuum cleaner by setting the hose to air supply mode;

Important! If the vacuum cleaner is washing, then you can use it to collect the melted water.

  • put hot water heaters inside the chamber - they will also raise the air temperature and will contribute to the rapid thawing of ice;
  • an additional way to quickly thaw ice can be a saucer with salt, installed in the center of the freezer - salt will quickly and easily eat away the snow cap.

Important! It is not recommended to often use quick defrosting, as this can lead to breakdown of the system and the freezing elements, respectively - significantly reduce the life of the device.

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How often do you need to defrost a refrigerator?

Defrost periods depend on how quickly the frost layer forms on the evaporator and how often you use the freezer.

It is important to understand that refrigerators must be periodically thawed, as hoarfrost accumulates worsens the operation of the unit, requires additional energy consumption and can lead to breakdown due to increased load on the motor.

Standard recommendations regarding the frequency of the procedure are as follows:

  • Defrosting the refrigerator with the Nou Frost system is necessary at least once a year.
  • If the model of the refrigerator is with a manual defrosting system - several times in the spring-winter period and once in the winter.
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We hope that the information received was useful to you, and now you are properly caring for your household appliances, which are responsible for your good work.

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