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Many modern kitchens are almost fully equipped with built-in furniture. An ordinary stove in such interiors looks very strange. That is why manufacturers began to produce gas and electric hobs. They differ from each other in the way of heating, a set of functions, the material from which the surface is made. To make it easier for a simple layman to make his own choice, we will present in this article a rating of cooking surfaces recognized as the best, according to customer reviews.

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What criteria should be followed when choosing?

Just before you study the rating of electric and gas hobs, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basics of choosing such devices. Next, we present the most important characteristics and parameters.

Panel Type

There are two types of cooking surfaces - electric and gas. There is also a combined type - such devices have both gas and electric burners.

Here are the differences that can be highlighted:

  • Devices that run on fossil fuels are considered economical, cost much less than their "counterparts", which are powered by a network. It is difficult to compare gas consumption with financial costs for electricity. But they also have disadvantages, such panels can only be installed in places where it is possible to connect a gas main.

Important! It is impossible not to mention the low level of security, because if a leak occurs, then an explosion can occur. Be sure to in the kitchen where such a stove works, an extract must be present to remove carbon dioxide.

  • Electric panels are safer, more technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing, have touch control buttons and simply fit perfectly into modern kitchen designs. You can install such a unit in any place, the main thing is that there should be electricity. But their main drawback is the high cost of electricity.

Important! Many electric panels with induction hobs require the use of special cast-iron cookware or enamelled steel products. Learn about othersfeatures of the induction panel and its differences from the electric.


Hobs today are made of five basic materials: cast iron, enamel, glass ceramics, stainless steel, tempered glass:

  1. Budget options include cast iron and enameled surfaces. They are incredibly durable, inexpensive, but it’s difficult to cleanse fat.
  2. Cast iron is resistant to mechanical damage, of course, this can not be said about enamel, it eventually becomes scratched.
  3. Stainless steel surfaces are considered durable, they are shockproof, not subject to wear. They are instantly covered with finger stains, they can only be cleaned with special fluids.
  4. It is easy to wash tempered glass, but the surface of this material cannot be called strong.
  5. The most practical and aesthetic are glass-ceramic models. They are strong, they are easy to clean, they look beautiful, they just cost a lot.

Important! Details about which surface is best to choose and how to properly care for it, read on our website in the article “Which hob is better - stainless steel or glass?”

Type of grill

It is imperative to pay attention to the type of lattice when choosing a plate, because it is on it that the dishes are placed. It can be steel and cast iron:

  • In the first version, it is coated with enamel, is inexpensive and is distinguished by its reliability. Any impact is not afraid of such a surface, it is easy to clean, but, unfortunately, it burns out over time.
  • In the second embodiment, the devices are distinguished by their wear resistance, such gratings do not change externally, do not burn. But they are too fragile, can crack from a blow.

Type of electric ignition

Electric ignition is mechanical and automatic:

  • The first option is considered obsolete, but its main advantage is the low price. To bring the device into operation, just press the additional button after turning the switch.
  • In automation, ignition occurs instantly after the switch rotates, no additional buttons are used. The second option is more convenient.
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The best manufacturers of modern cooking surfaces

The rating of cooking surfaces cannot be studied without first acquaintance with the best companies that produce them. The vast majority of leaders include European brands. The best quality indicators are provided by Italian, German, Swedish manufacturers:

  • Inexpensive models of hobs, which are quite accessible to every consumer, are produced by Midea, Gefest, Simfer, Hansa, Gorenje.
  • More expensive devices in this segment are produced by such companies as Bosch, Electrolux, Smeg, Hotpoint Ariston, Zanussi, Kuppersberg.

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Overview of the best gas hobs

Now we will take a closer look at the rating of gas hobs that make it easier for you to make your own choices.

Important! If you have purchased a gas surface and want to independently connect it, you just need to know what difficulties you may encounter during the work. Safety measures, work procedures and other useful information can be found in the article. “Connecting a gas hob”

Bosch PCP 615 M90E

In our ranking, this is the undisputed leader:

  1. The panel is made of stainless steel, due to which it is practical and durable. True, its color (silver) does not always fit into the decor of modern kitchens.
  2. The control panel in this model is located in front.
  3. A huge plus of it is the presence of a lock button, which is incredibly important for homes where there are kids.
  4. Outwardly, it looks beautiful, is equipped with a gas control system, allows you to smoothly adjust the power.

Important! The disadvantages of this plate include noise during heating, difficult care, the likelihood of melting plastic switches. The surface is easily scratched when using hard brushes and detergents with abrasive particles.

Hansa BHGW 63111035

The best combination of quality and price:

  • The snow-white gas surface made of tempered glass is perfectly washable, looks chic outwardly, but, unfortunately, does not differ in special strength.
  • The indisputable advantages of this model are cast-iron grilles, comfortable handles, and quick heating.

Important! The disadvantages include the excessive proximity of the burners, the difficulty of caring for them.

Gefest CH 1211

In our rating of hobs, it takes third place:

  1. This is an inexpensive gas model equipped with an express burner.
  2. Its white enameled surface does not need special care, in addition to the use of special cleaners.
  3. But the main advantage of this stove is the express burner, which is distinguished by the speed of heating and high power.
  4. It is equipped with a gas control system, electric ignition, comfortable handles that do not heat up, a durable cast-iron grille of an unusual shape.

Important! She also has enough disadvantages: a loose fit of the case to the countertop, loud noise during operation, and an unremarkable design.

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Rating of the best induction models

Modern induction electric cookers work according to the following principle: metal utensils are heated by means of a current created by a magnetic field with a frequency of up to 100 kHz. Many argue about the safety and effectiveness of these devices. To assess their pros and cons, you need to get to know the best devices in this segment. Have you decided that your induction hob should be in your kitchen?

Important! Self-installation of an induction cooker will not cause any difficulties, even if you are faced with such a need for the first time. Use our step-by-step instructions from the article“Connecting an induction hob”.

Top 10 will help you make the right choice. Of course, to consider all positions is not always the point, it is better to pay attention to the first three models.

LG KVN 6403 AF:

  • In our ranking, this is the most economical model with induction.
  • It is equipped with touch controls and induction hobs.
  • The surface is simply cleaned with a damp, soft cloth. No special care products are needed.
  • The advantages of this model are as follows: ergonomic and stylish design, the presence of cooling fans, the possibility of independent installation, efficiency, ease of operation, the panel is absolutely safe for children.

Important! Cons: even from a simple sponge, the surface is scratched, garbage is clogged in the gap between the ceramic and the stove, not all dishes can be used, high cost.

Hansa BHI 68300

In the ranking, this is the best glass-ceramic induction hob:

  • It is equipped with a touch switch and has a glass-ceramic surface. Directly below the glass ceramic is an electromagnetic coil, which prevents the heating of the device and the formation of an electromagnetic field.
  • There is an indicator of residual heat and a function of protection against children in it.
  • Advantages of this cooker: stylish practical black appearance, silent operation, burners with different diameters, low power consumption.

Important! Cons of this model: food unevenly heats up in thin-walled dishes, the sensor overheats, inconvenient power adjustment, the timer simultaneously turns off all burners.

Electrolux EHG 96341 FK

The main difference between this model is the indicator of residual heat. A special light signal remains on until cool, indicating a high temperature.

Also, the advantages of this model include:

  • independent installation;
  • the presence of a burner timer;
  • touch switches;
  • button to lock the panel.

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The best electric hobs

The electric hob looks more presentable. Rating of the best models from this category we will present below. They are simply irreplaceable in the kitchens made on individual projects. Such devices can avoid the formation of cracks, which means that garbage will not accumulate in the joints. But the most important thing is that they can be installed in houses and apartments in which there is no central gas pipeline.

The top of the best electric hobs looks like this.

ASKO HC 1643 G

This is the most popular electric cooker with glass-ceramic coating among consumers:

  • Users note that the biggest advantage of this model is high-quality heating. This heating rate is achieved due to the uniform and partial distribution over the entire surface of the heating elements.
  • The option of a short pause was paid attention - if it is turned on, then the burners begin to work in the mode of maintaining heat.
  • The presence of functions such as panel lock, heat indicator, protective shutdown make it in demand against the background of analogues in this price segment.

Maunfeld MVCE 59.4HL.1SM1DZT BK

This plate shows the best ratio of functionality and price.This brand cannot be called popular, but to the great surprise of consumers, it was already able to prove itself on the positive side:

  • The main distinguishing feature is multifunctionality, burners are switched off in order to increase the level of safety, independent installation, residual heat indicator.
  • Ceramic burners equipped with an additional heating element deserve maximum attention.

Kuppersberg FT 6 VS 16

Without this model, the rating would be incomplete, it personifies excellent German quality, which is supported by a stylish design:

  • A feature of this cooker is the presence of an individual timer directly for each burner, which facilitates the operation of the panel and makes its work really comfortable.
  • Important pluses are child protection, diameter expansion zones, panel lock, touch control.
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The ratings and reviews presented in this article will certainly help you choose the most worthy model for yourself, taking into account the most important criteria, because it is important that it meets all your requirements and wishes.

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