Ariston Margarita 2000 washing machine - malfunctions

Ariston washing machines are well known to modern consumers and are in incredible demand. The Italian company Merloni Elettrodomestici S.P.A., which is a leader in the domestic market, manufactures these devices. The model range of this brand is headed by the multifunctional and high-quality washing machine Ariston Margarita 2000. Faults can be called typical for units of this line, so you need to familiarize yourself with the most common of them and consider options for solving them. What will we do in this article.

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Features of operation Ariston Margarita 2000

The models of this series have a wide range of functions and are characterized by fairly high quality indicators of washing, rinsing and spinning, consume a minimum of electricity and water. They belong to the A class of washing, because even if the water is heated to 40 degrees, they consume only 0.15 kilowatts of electricity per kilogram of dirty laundry.

This washing machine is equipped with a rather interesting program called “Golden Cashmere”, which allows washing only delicate fabrics and avoiding the formation of spools. But the function of everyday washing involves a cycle time of only 30 minutes, while you can load things of any color into the drum.

A quick wash in just 90 minutes allows you to clean medium-soiled items. If you wish, you can delay the start of the “ariston margherita 2000” als109x device for the right time. Malfunctions rarely arise in her work, but all of them require attention and, in most cases, the intervention of specialists.

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Setting the washing mode

Initially, the machine is in standard standby mode, indicated by the indicator “A”, and to start the desired program, you need to use the special command handle.

The indicator in the “B” mode indicates that the device is ready to receive a new program, and as soon as it is selected, it will be indicated by a “C” indicator. And immediately after that, washing begins. Its execution can be stopped, and for this you need to turn the handle of the programs to the reset position.

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How to set a delayed start timer?

To stop the countdown, it is necessary to set the handle to the “KA” position and press the “Reset” reset, it will stop for five seconds. But if you need more time, then select the desired amount on the display. And all the set time the machine will be in standby mode.

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Ariston Model Error Testing

If a malfunction was detected in the operation of the Ariston Margarita 2000 washing machine, the on / off indicator immediately starts flashing, and the command handle rotates randomly. The blinking pattern of this indicator indicates a fault code.

The most common trouble codes:

  1. A short circuit has occurred in the motor circuits.
  2. Communication with total stations was cut off or the motor was jammed.
  3. An open or short in the temperature sensor has occurred.
  4. The pressure switch is stuck in the “Empty” position.
  5. The relay is stuck in the “Device full” position or a blockage has occurred in the drain pump.
  6. An error has occurred in the control function.
  7. The heating relay is stuck.
  8. The heating relay has stopped working.
  9. The model is not compatible with EEPROM.
  10. The pressure switch began to simultaneously send signals that the device is “Full” and “Empty”.
  11. The drain pump is out of order.

Important! To more accurately determine the malfunction, specialists use a special tool, namely a hardware key. It can be connected to a computer and initiate a wash, during which the machine will perform a self-test. It is inserted into a special hole located on the back of the device. If everything is done correctly, then the red indicator on the block will light up, that is, it will be possible to start a self-test.

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Step-by-Step Ariston Machine Fault Testing

Do-it-yourself repair of the Ariston Margarita 2000 washing machine is recommended only if a special service test is available. It allows you to easily detect any defect in the operation of the device and make repairs faster and easier. Next, we will learn how to run this test and check the operation of the machine.

Work with a service test

For the service test to start working, you will need the aforementioned key to conduct SAT diagnostics. This tool has the following code - 95669. It allows you to run the program for automatic testing of the model "Margarita 2000". Then we connect the device to the connector and wait until the corresponding indicator lights up. First, the key will exchange information with the electronic controller for some time.

The test program starts as follows:

  1. We check the connection of the machine with water supply and sewage.
  2. We inspect the tank for the presence of residual water in it, if it is, then you must immediately remove it.
  3. The hatch door is tightly closed.
  4. Set the selector knob to its original position.
  5. Press the “AUTO TEST” button on the key and hold it.
  6. As soon as automatic testing begins, you will immediately hear a beep.

Important! During testing, the selector knob will automatically rotate, and at the same time, codes of the corresponding nature will be displayed on the panel. If the test detects an error, the indicator will turn off continuously and the light will flash in flashes, that is, indicate a malfunction code.

The number of flashes indicates an error code. Note that during testing, the water inside the device will heat up to 30 degrees, so you need to set a limit for heating the water, disable the spin function and set any drying time.

Performing a Service Test Phase

It is possible to conditionally divide the diagnostic process of the Ariston Margarita 2000 washing machine into several stages. Faults and possible breakdowns are eliminated in the following sequence:

  1. The bay valve for washing in the main mode for 10 seconds is selected and started.
  2. Then it starts prewash for the same time in the same mode.
  3. The hot water valve opens for 10 seconds.
  4. At the same time, bay valves for main and pre-wash are activated. Water will flow into the tank until the sensor gives a signal that it is full.
  5. The drum rotates first clockwise, and then - in the opposite direction.
  6. The heating element turns on and the water warms up to 30 degrees.
  7. The handle moves in the normal direction of rotation, and then stops in the 9th position.
  8. The drain pump starts to work. Moreover, it will function until the sensor reports that the tank is empty.
  9. If the device is equipped with a drying mode, then its fan will start working at this stage, and then the heater will turn on and the air inside the tank will begin to warm up.
  10. The selector knob goes into the reset position.
  11. The program is completing its work.

Important! If the malfunction of the Ariston Margarita 2000 washing machine was resolved before the start of the test, then the service analysis will simply not start. To restart the machine in this case, you will need to turn it on for 10 seconds, disconnect the service key and start it again.

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Rules for assembly and disassembly Ariston Margarita 2000

If you want to fix the problem on your own, you need to understand how the Ariston Margarita 2000 washing machine is properly disassembled and assembled. Failures of this model are largely eliminated by its partial or complete disassembly.

Important! Remember that most problems with such equipment can be prevented by competent service, which, incidentally, will not take you much time. Just follow the rules in the articles below:

The top cover is removed quite easily, you just need to snap off the control panel and unscrew a few screws from the back wall. To remove the cover, you need to unscrew the two fixing bolts and simply slide the cover to the side. A screwdriver will help to carefully remove the snap ring attaching the sealing gum directly to the body and the sealing gum on the door. The screws are removed using a Phillips screwdriver. As soon as the new part is replaced, the sealing gum returns to its place.

In more detail this process looks like this:

  1. The top cover is removed.
  2. The cover and the handle are removed.
  3. A screw is loosened from the handle and the mechanism is removed.
  4. The drawer for the distribution of detergents opens and is removed by pressing.
  5. The two screws on the control panel and loading door are loosened.
  6. Potentiometers are dismantled.
  7. Button switches are removed.
  8. The on / off and hatch lock indicators are retrieved.
  9. The control panel screws are loosened.
  10. The counterweight is removed using the socket wrench.
  11. The tank is removed, all the screws holding the counterweight are loosened.
  12. The back cover and drive belt are removed.
  13. A bolt is pulled out of the pulley, which prevents it from spinning.
  14. The pulley is removed using two screwdrivers.
  15. Then we tilt the car forward and back it up with something, but you need to make sure that the electrical components of the lock and control panel do not fall out.
  16. We disconnect the electric motor by pulling the terminal blocks and disconnecting the ground wire.
  17. The motor is lowered and pulled out through the already missing rear panel.

So, we examined the basic rules and the sequence of analysis of this model of the washing machine. If you follow them, then the process of replacing a broken part will not cause any difficulties.

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Troubleshooting the most common malfunctions of a washing machine Ariston Margarita 2000

Do-it-yourself repair of the Ariston Margarita 2000 washing machine can be done if you follow the instructions outlined below. The most common malfunctions of this device are resolved as follows:

  1. If the machine has stopped pouring water, but the sound of pouring water is clearly audible in the upper part of the housing on the left side, then you need to check if the water supply tap is open and if the water supply hose is jammed in the washing machine. You can also check if the mesh on the filter is clogged.
  2. The machine began to randomly fill and drain the water, but the specific hum of the pump was not heard, then you need to check at what height the drain hose is installed. This distance should not be less than 60 centimeters. Perhaps the cause of the malfunction was the disconnection of the drain hose due to vibration.To solve it, you need to return the hose to its place.
  3. The device does not drain water. You can try to drain it manually using the drain filter, only before that you need to substitute the tray under the machine. It is also recommended to check the cleanliness of the filter and the drain hose, and if necessary, clean them.
  4. The machine stopped executing program commands, namely, the apparatus responsible for the selection of functions constantly rotates in a circle. You need to take something metal with an insulated handle and set the switch handle to a black dot, then pull the plug out of the socket, close the outputs on the cord plug with this item. Thus, the residual voltage is removed from the device module and the program is reset.

Important! There may also be problems that you can easily solve by following the instructions in the articles below:

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Stock footage

This information will be enough to make an independent diagnosis of the breakdown and its elimination at the first stage. If among the listed failures was not the one you encountered, then you will have to resort to the help of a specialist.

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