Beko washing machine 🥝 5 kg, how to use, how to turn on

Beko is a Turkish brand of large household appliances for storing and preparing products, caring for clothes, cleaning, and maintaining the climate. No exception in this variety of washing machines. Today we’ll talk about them, in particular about what a 5 kg beko washing machine can be, the instruction manual of which will tell you in detail about all the features of this equipment.

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The brand does not stand still and develops along with its users. Today, Beko presents in its washing machines a lot of useful developments with instructions for use.

Wool removal

Having a pet is very cool, but along with joy, animals bring us a little more problems. For example, wool on clothes. This feature allows you to remove all the sticky pile from your things.

Child lock

How to use a lock? In order not to accidentally injure the child, Beko has included a lock function in his models. Now, even if the child decides to play the laundry, then you do not have to worry about the lost settings. The machine will continue to operate as before.


The manufacturer has equipped its devices with an inverter motor, thanks to which you get an effective and almost silent washing along with the highest level of energy saving.

Beko washing machines also have specially designed washing cycles.


This design is ideal for those who don’t like to waste laundry detergent. Thanks to technology, all the detergent remains inside the tank until the end of the regime. And this allows not only to thoroughly clean the laundry, but also to reduce the consumption of detergent.


The technology allows you to wash your clothes as carefully as possible, and prevent the drum from unbalancing, because the bend of the tank repeats the wave.

Important! Over time, it happens that during operation, washing machines begin to vibrate violently and even jump. This problem must be solved immediately. We have prepared a separate review "How to install a washing machine so that it does not jump?".


It would seem that something new can be added to the heater? But Veko coped with this task, equipping it with a special coating based on nickel.

Important! Now the protection against scale and corrosion of the part is 50% stronger, which means that the device will last you more than a dozen years. The main thing is to properly care for the equipment and in a timely manner to prevent.


The Beko washing machine with LCD displays all the necessary information about temperature, cycle time, additional functions and spin speed.

Follow the link and find out what icons on the washing machine.

Large hatch

The developers enlarged the door of the device so that it would be more convenient for you to put even very voluminous things into it.

Liquid Compartment

If you use gel or liquid detergents, then the new design of a special compartment for them will not only please you, but also help to use them as efficiently as possible. And our separate review will help you figure out where to pour air conditioning

Important! The household chemicals market has many detergents for washing clothes, and it can be very difficult to choose the right product - either a sharp aroma, sometimes not very useful substances in the composition, then prices bite.Try to do it yourself. A selection of recipes from the article will help you in this.“Do-it-yourself detergent for a do-it-yourself machine”.


The manufacturer cares not only about the comfort of its users, but also about their safety, and includes the following developments in the functionality of its devices:

  1. Imbalance control. Allows you not to worry about the uneven distribution of things, and as a result - to avoid noise, vibration and jumps of the device.
  2. Restart This feature protects your device from potential power surges. For example, if the mode was interrupted during a power outage, it will continue from the moment it was stopped when connected to the power supply.
  3. Lock from clicks. Now turn on the machine is not scary, even if a child is interested in it.
  4. Overfill protection. If the water in the drum is more than the required level, a sensor will come to the rescue, which will open an automatic drain.
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Of course, what program will be exactly in your Beko washing machine depends on the specific model. Consider the most interesting.

Dark fabric

This cycle allows you to wash synthetic and cotton fabrics, which can fade when mixed with clothes of a different color.

Washing shirts

A special program that gently washes shirts at a temperature of 40 degrees.

Mix 40

The mode is designed for those who have no time to separate clothes by type of fabric. Now you can wash cotton and synthetics together.


This program is just a godsend for everyone who dreamed not to mess with delicate fabrics manually. Now even silk products or cashmere items lend themselves to washing.

Important! The machine is so careful about things that they do not wear out and do not deform, but they are perfectly washed, despite less water and a very gentle approach.

Baby protect

Only with the care of the kids, the developers created this mode, which allows you to perfectly wash clothes and wash even the smallest particles of the product from it. This mode is ideal for children or allergy sufferers.

Woolen things

Sometimes even washing in a washing machine becomes a burden, especially when you think about how the woolen sweater falls out, or so that the spools do not appear on it. The developers solved the problem, and in this mode, the Beko washing machine, according to the instructions, will itself build the required water level, delicately clean even the most difficult spots.


Beko brand cars equipped with this mode will help you get rid of dust mites, which often cause allergies in both children and adults.

Important! In this mode, you can wash both bedding and small pillows or blankets, and even outerwear.

Self cleaning

This cycle is designed to process the insides of your device, the mode starts without loading laundry into the drum.

Short cycles

The manufacturer also introduced a variety of short programs that help save a lot of time. At the same time, depending on the mode, the duration of washing can be from 14 to 40 minutes.


Thanks to the “fitness” mode, washing sports things has become very easy. The mode is perfect for both synthetics and cotton fabrics.


Another interesting mode is the economical one. It will help to gently wash clothes without heavy dirt, at 20 degrees. In this case, the fabric does not spoil at all.

Important! The only recommendation is to use liquid detergents, as they dissolve much better in cool water.

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Additional options

The manufacturer also took care of the additional functions of its devices.


The mode is designed specifically to remove from strong dirt before washing.


If you are worried that particles of powder may remain on your clothes, or if you wash children's clothes that require careful care, use this function.

Easy ironing

Machines equipped with this function squeeze clothes in several steps, thanks to this it is evenly distributed in the drum, and it is much easier to iron it.

The range of Beko washing machines is very diverse. Let's talk about it in more detail.

Important! One of the main problems after buying a washing machine is finding a place to install it. Designer's tips will help you resolve issues:

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The lineup

The manufacturer offers the user a variety of models to suit every need. If you do not have enough space for a full-size machine, you can choose a narrow built-in model, the capacity of which will pleasantly surprise you. The smallest washing machine “Veko” is 5 kg. Instructions for a specific model are always included with the device. Consider specific examples.

WKL 13500 D

This is a freestanding device, with the option to be integrated, as it is equipped with a removable cover. Front-loading type up to 3.5 kg will easily provide a clean family of 2 people with clean clothes. The control type is electronic, and the dimensions of the device (WxDxH): 60x35x85 cm.

Next, let's talk about the main characteristics of the model.


  1. Energy efficiency and a class A wash allow you not to worry about huge energy bills, and be sure to be sure of an excellent result.
  2. The rotation speed of the drum is 1000 rpm.
  3. Safety - the device is equipped with leakage protection, button lock, control over imbalance and foam level.
  4. Notification - at the end of the cycle, the device gives a signal, and you always know for sure that it is time to pull out clean linen.
  5. Among the programs, one can separately distinguish: a mode for woolen things, delicate fabrics, a daily cycle, and a super rinse function.

Let's talk about another inexpensive model of this manufacturer.

WKN 51011 M

This is a front-loading model with Class A efficiency in energy consumption and washing quality. The device dimensions (WxHxD): 84x60x35 cm, which allows you to load up to 5 kg of laundry. If desired, you can remove the top cover of the device and integrate it under the countertop in the kitchen.


  1. A huge selection of programs - 15, allows the user to accurately select the appropriate one.
  2. The device is equipped with a soaking function, due to which heavy contamination is not a problem.
  3. The quick wash mode is suitable for everyone in a hurry.
  4. The device is protected from imbalance, which reduces noise and vibration.
  5. Water level sensors in the device allow you not to worry about overfilling of the device.
  6. Convenient programs for synthetics, cotton, woolen products and a hand wash mode, as well as a soaking cycle.
  7. The device is equipped with indicators indicating the progress of the program.

Of course, in such a variety of sizes, functions and programs it is easy to get lost. Therefore, tips on choosing a device will never be redundant.

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How to choose a typewriter?

  1. Decide on the right size and volume. A small device with maximum load is enough for two people - a Beko 5 kg washing machine is quite suitable. When choosing a size, consider how often you start the wash. With constant use of the device, it makes sense to choose a larger volume.
  2. For high-quality washing, you must take into account the spin speed. For this, the manufacturer indicates the rpm parameter. Here, too, everything is simple: the greater the value, the stronger the spin.
  3. If there are children in the family, or allergic people - choose devices with appropriate programs. For example, baby care.
  4. Today, everyone is constantly busy and there is absolutely no time or energy left for household chores. To do everything in a modern frantic rhythm, purchase a device with the ability to delay the start. So you can get clean things exactly at the right time.
  5. Do not forget about the design. Veko offers a variety of colors that will fit into your interior.
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Stock footage

If your choice is a “Beko” washing machine, the instructions for a particular model will help you deal with all the nuances and operate the appliance for a long time.

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