Indesit washing machine - faults

Indesit brand washing machines can break down like any other appliance. In this article, we will consider in detail if you have an Indesit washing machine, what kind of malfunctions occur most often.

Important! The main causes of breakdowns are, as a rule, clogging of the components of the unit, the presence of foreign objects inside the washing machine that fall there together with clothing, neglect of the technique and non-compliance with the operating instructions.

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Common failures and their possible causes

Most often, malfunctions of the Indesit washing machine occur when the following parts fail:

  1. The heating element - the heating element of the Indesit washing machine often breaks, as it is not protected by a coating from scale. This problem is considered the most popular among the models of washing machines of the Italian brand.
  2. Surge protector - a breakdown is often found due to factory defects. Usually this element fails 3-4 years after the acquisition of equipment.
  3. Bearings - their malfunctions do-it-yourself repair of the Indesit washing machine greatly complicates. The difficulty lies in disassembling the tank, which in most units is a holistic design.
  4. Control panel - for washing machines, especially those released before 2012, the control unit is very vulnerable to breakdowns due to poor quality materials.
  5. Engine Capacitors - When burned, repairs are not possible. The only option is a replacement.

Important: Problems with filters and hoses are not included in the list, as they are common to all washing machines and are not typical breakdowns of Indesit appliances. You can find detailed information about them in special thematic articles:

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Is it possible to fix the equipment yourself?

All malfunctions of the washing machine can be divided into two categories:

  1. Problems that do not require calling the wizard - here the troubleshooting of the Indesit washing machine is eliminated and do-it-yourself repairs are performed.
  2. Cases in which a call to the master at home or contacting a service center are inevitable.

Important! Do-it-yourself repair of malfunctions of the Indesit washing machine is possible only if:

  • there is no smell of smoke, burning or burning plastic;
  • the display has an error code (for electronic models), instead of flashing several indicators at a time;
  • no leaks.

In other cases, you can safely get down to business.

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Breakdowns and methods of their elimination without the help of a specialist

These include the following:

  1. The machine does not turn on - see if electricity is coming in and how close the plug is to the outlet. There may be no contact, which can be easily removed with one movement of the hand.
  2. Water does not enter the drum - the cause may be a loose fit of the hatch, a kinked hose, or a shut-off water tap. Check if everything is okay with pressure. A drop in system pressure may also be one of the causes of this problem.
  3. The technique works, but the washing does not start - most likely, the function of delaying the washing cycle is activated or the water supply valve is closed.
  4. Water is continuously poured into the drum and back - do-it-yourself repair of the Indesit washing machine is also possible here. In this case, it is most likely a hose. It should be located at least 70 cm from the floor along the entire length. Check if the hose outlet is under water.
  5. Loud noise during washing - foreign objects may enter the drum. Stop washing to eliminate the problem.
  6. A lot of foam is the reason for the incorrect selection of detergent. In this case, it is necessary to replace it.
  7. After rinsing, water does not leave - eliminate the possibility of kinks and clogging of the hose. If everything is in order, it is worth checking whether the functions are activated: “wash without draining water”, “easy ironing”, “no spin”.
  8. Excessive vibration during the spin cycle - check the position of the washing machine: does the unit touch walls and objects, is it level on the floor. The reason may also be in the position of the laundry. By vibrating, the machine tries to evenly distribute it.
  9. The indicators of some functions light up, for example, locking the sunroof and the current stage of washing - turn off the equipment for a few minutes. Perhaps she just needs a break in work.

Important! All these malfunctions of the Indesit washing machines, as you have seen, arise either due to incorrect maintenance of the system, or as a result of elementary negligence. Dismantling of equipment is not required.

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Repair using a wizard

Diagnostics and troubleshooting of the Indesit washing machine should be immediately entrusted to a service center if:

  • The unit is unstable;
  • The machine does not turn on;
  • There is loud noise, rattle, rumble when washing;
  • The drum does not start;
  • The spin function does not work correctly;
  • Leaks are observed;
  • Water does not pour and does not leave;
  • There is a smell of burning, smoke, burning plastic.

Important! If you find any of these symptoms, we do not recommend that you continue to use the washing machine until you find out the reason for this behavior and fully diagnose the problems. It may be dangerous!

You can’t do without a specialist - a list of breakdowns and their causes:

  1. The washing machine does not turn on when the buttons are pressed or the indicators blink - there are many reasons. In this case, breakdowns of the control panel, sockets, cord, plugs, start buttons, door lock devices, pressure switches are possible.
  2. The washing cycles are not carried out correctly - their duration has been violated, the washing is delayed, the machine requires a mechanical switch to the spin or the water drain mode, it does not heat the water - the problem is in the electronic control, water temperature controller or heating elements. Do-it-yourself repair of the Indesit washing machine in this case is also impossible.
  3. Loud noise, crashing, creaking - if the presence of foreign objects in the tank is excluded, the cause may be wear of the seal, breakage of bearings, slackness of the counterweight or shock absorbers.
  4. The drum stands still - another belt is needed, repair of the power circuit of the drum or its drive.
  5. Water does not leave / does not collect - clogged filter of the solenoid valve, sewage system, water drainage system. The problem can also be in the breakdown of the pump, electronics, breaks in the power circuit.
  6. The spin function does not work - the tachometer, the electric module, or the button that turns off the spin broke.
  7. Leaks - damaged integrity of the connections: hoses, pump nozzles, cuffs of the tank door.
  8. Foreign odors - damage to the heating element, short circuit of electricity.

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Indesit washing machine error codes

The breakdown code is the Latin letter F with a number that corresponds to a specific problem. The combination in the event of a malfunction of the unit is displayed on its display.

Knowing the fault codes of the Indesit washing machine helps them to quickly solve them on their own or to assess the degree of breakdown before the arrival of a specialist.

Important! Codes differ depending on the series. For example:

  • error codes of Indesit washing machines of the “2000” series range from F01 to F11;
  • in the Evolution series - up to F12;
  • with drying - up to F15.

The values ​​of the breakdown codes and solutions are discussed below.


Indicates a short circuit in the drive motor control circuit. When displaying such an error, you should:

  1. Check the moisture penetration version on the contacts of the electronic controller.
  2. Eliminate corrosion of the contacts of the drive motor.
  3. Replace electronic control module.


Failure of the drive motor. In case of such a malfunction of the Indesit washing machine, it is necessary:

  1. Check if the motor is blocked due to broken bearings or other reasons.
  2. See how tightly the electronic module is connected to the drive motor.
  3. Investigate the resistance of the tachogenerator winding.

Important! If the cause is a failure of the drive motor or electronic controller, it is necessary to replace them.


It indicates a short circuit in the temperature sensor or “sticking” of the heating element.

When you see this error, the following actions:

  1. Check how securely the electronic controller is connected to the temperature sensor.
  2. Measure the electrical resistance of the latter.
  3. Replace a broken device.


The problem is the water level sensor.

If the malfunction of the Indesit washing machine is accompanied by the display of this code, it is required:

  1. Check the sensor and its connection to the electronic module.
  2. Replace the pressure switch or controller, depending on the detected breakdown.


No “empty tank” signal after draining water or does not work drain pump.


  1. See if the electronic module is securely connected to the drain pump.
  2. Check the condition of the drain hose and filter.
  3. Measure the line voltage of the drain pump contacts when switched on.
  4. Replace the hose, pump or electronic controller, focusing on the malfunction.


Error in the buttons. In this case, you need:

  1. Check buttons for damage.
  2. Find damage to the connections and harnesses connecting the control panel to the controller.
  3. Correct the causes of malfunction of the Indesit washing machine.


The heating element is not immersed in water. To prevent the combustion of the heater, it is necessary:

  • Check that the water level sensor is working.
  • See if the bay system is clogged.
  • Measure the water pressure in the tap.
  • Check if the heating element is working.
  • Assess the reliability of the connection of contacts between the water level sensor and the electronic module.
  • Replace defective items.


There was a “sticking” of the heater relay. In this case, you should:

  1. Make sure the water level sensor is working.
  2. Check heating element.
  3. Assess the reliability of the connection of the controller contacts and the heater.
  4. If everything is in order, you must install a new electronic module.

Important! On our site of practical advice there is a useful article that will help you carry out work on replacing the heater if it is out of order. Follow the link to find out more aboutrepair of washing machines and replacement of heating elements.


Program crash. If you see this error on the display, you need to replace the chip or reinstall the program.

Important! The microcircuit should be suitable for a specific model of the Indesit washing machine.


When the tank is full, the corresponding signal is not received. To start the process of heating water, you need:

  1. Fix problems with the water level sensor, if any.
  2. Check the connection between the sensor and the electronic module.
  3. Repair damage by replacing the required device.


There is no signal that the pump is working.

To restore the power supply circuit or eliminate the breakage of the drain pump winding, depending on one of the options, you should:

  1. Check how securely the pump is connected to the electronic controller.
  2. Measure winding resistance.
  3. Replace spare parts.


There is no communication between the indicators and the electronic module.

When repairing an Indesit washing machine, do it yourself:

  1. Check the quality of communication between the controller and the display module.
  2. Eliminate the cause of the breakdown by replacing the elements.


The connection circuit of the drying temperature sensor with the controller is broken.

To fix the problem you need:

  1. Check the connection in the circuit.
  2. Replace drying temperature sensor and electronic module.


Drying mode does not turn on.

In this case, it is important:

  1. Investigate the quality of the connection of the heating element with the electronic module.
  2. Replace both parts.


Drying mode does not turn off.

Seeing this error, you should:

  1. Check connection board;
  2. Assess the performance of the level sensor.
  3. Replace items with serviceable ones.


Violation of the drum lock.

Important! The error is typical for Indesit washing machines with a vertical load.


No locking of the loading hatch.

In case of errors F16 and F17, we recommend:

  1. Check electrical voltage.
  2. Replace sunroof lock.
  3. Check the connection circuit of the elements.
  4. Purchase a new electronic controller.


Damage to the electronic controller. The problem in this case is eliminated only by replacing it.

Important! It is possible to avoid most breakdowns of such equipment of any model if timely washing machine prevention. And to protect the electronics of the device from power surges, use network filters.

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Demo mode: how to set up?

The problem of exiting the demo mode and setting it up is relevant for many equipment owners. Often, out of ignorance, buyers take it for a malfunction of the Indesit washing machine.

The instructions of many models of this brand contain little information about this.

Let's look at how to control the demo mode.


To turn on the washing machine, press and hold 3 buttons at the same time for several seconds:

  1. "Start";
  2. "On off";
  3. “Easy ironing”.

After the “dEPO” code appears on the display, the mode is considered switched on. To activate it, click “Start”.

Exit mode

With the same button, the program is disabled. To turn it off, you must press and hold for a few seconds.

Exiting the mode is the same as entering: simultaneously pressing the above buttons until the “dOFF” code appears.

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We hope that with the help of our article on the faults of the Indesit washing machine, you can easily fix it yourself. We wish your equipment quality work without failures and breakdowns. And remember - the duration of its operation depends on compliance with simple rules. Careful attitude to devices significantly increases their service life.

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