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One of the most popular household appliances is a washing machine. This unit is considered the best home appliances for every housewife and makes her life easier several times. Among all kinds of manufacturers, the leading place in the ranking of quality and sales is occupied by the LG brand. Today we’ll talk about the LG inverter direct drive 6kg washing machine.

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The main advantages of LG washing machines

The LG washing machine direct drive 5 - 6 kg from the Korean manufacturer has appeared on sale relatively recently. Due to its main feature, the service life has become several times longer.

Advantages of LG direct drive:

  • Lingerie does not crease. When washing, all things that are inside the drum move up and down. Due to this, folds do not appear and clothes retain their original appearance longer.
  • Intelligent level of washing. Once you have loaded the wash, the unit will independently evaluate the weight and level of contamination. At this stage, the required amount of water is collected in the drum and the washing starts. This function saves electricity and water.
  • There is a child protection function. Your child will not be able to press anything when this lock is turned on.
  • Low noise. When washing, all laundry is evenly distributed in the drum so that the noise level is reduced. During operation, the LG direct drive 6 kg washing machine is virtually inaudible.
  • The LG direct drive function allows you to rotate the device drum without using a belt or pulley.

These are the main advantages that you can also find in the instructions for the LG washing machine. In another article, you will learn more benefits. washing machines LG.

Important! Due to its design features, this “washer” vibrates less even during the “spin” function.

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Washing machine programs

The LG direct drive 6 kg washing machine has many programs and features. That is why it is very important to know which one to choose for washing this or that linen.

There are two ways to turn on the device:

  • automatic washing in simple mode;
  • manual program selection.

The simple mode includes the main wash, triple rinse at a water temperature of 60 degrees. Spin is carried out at 1000 rpm.

Important! Such washing is most suitable for cotton products.

With manual selection, the user selects the program on his own. A more complete list of programs and how to use them can be found in the instructions for the LG washing machine. And our separate review will tell you what they mean. icons on the washing machine.

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Some functions of the washing machine

On the front panel of the LG direct drive 6 kg washing machine, there are buttons that control the following functions:

  • super rinse;
  • intensive washing;
  • pre-soaking;
  • without folds.

Let's talk in more detail about each option.

Important! Steam washing machines are becoming increasingly popular. Our portal of useful tips has prepared a special review in which you will learn all the advantages of this feature. Follow the link and find out more about LG washing machine with steam.

Super rinse

The Super Rinse function is used if you need more rinses. This operation is most in demand when washing children's, outerwear and winter clothes.

Important! Also, allergy sufferers who cannot tolerate the powder content in already dried clothes are often using this function.

Pre soaking

Prewash or soaking is necessary if the laundry is very dirty.


Intensive washing is also used if the clothes in the drum are very dirty. In this case, the device independently calculates the washing time and the amount of water that is necessary in order to return the products to their original appearance.

No folds

The crease-free function protects your laundry from unnecessary bruising. This is ensured by a special and unique rotation of the drum.

Important! All of the above functions on the LG direct drive 6 kg washing machine have separate buttons, and if they are turned on, they are highlighted with a special indicator.

Important! Many appliances with easy ironing have appeared on the market for washing machines. We talked about it in detail in our post “Easy ironing in the washing machine - what is it?”

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Technical specifications LG direct drive

This washing machine will become your indispensable assistant. One has only to adhere to the rules that are indicated in the instructions for the LG washing machine and know all the characteristics of this device.

Characteristics of the washing machine:

  • dimensions - 85x60x50 sv;
  • the diameter of the “window” is 30 cm;
  • the device is designed for 6 kg of dirty laundry;
  • spin speed is 1000 rpm;
  • LG direct drive is class A energy efficient;
  • for one wash, the device consumes 56 liters of water.

The main functions of the washing machine:

  • handwash;
  • Kids' things;
  • sportswear including shoes;
  • extra rinse;
  • delayed start from 3 to 19 hours;
  • self cleaning drum.

Important! The LG washing machine, the instructions for which can be found in the configuration for the unit, has a function in which there is an independent cleaning of the device. We strongly recommend using it at least once every ten days.

Due to this function, you clean the internal parts of solids, in particular sand. Also, with such a rinse, all microbes and the smell that is present are killed. As a result, your linen always has a pleasant aroma and impeccable cleanliness.

Important! Residents of small redeveloped apartments, where there is practically no place for drying clothes, our information about tumble dryers.

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Device malfunctions

Below we will highlight all the malfunctions that may be with the LG direct drive 6 kg washing machine, and tell you how to fix these problems.

So, let's begin:

  1. The rattling and ringing can cause objects that were left in the pockets of clothes. To eliminate this drawback, it is necessary to get these items. It’s best, of course, to check your clothes carefully before loading.
  2. Tapping occurs only if the drum is overfulfilled with laundry.
  3. LG direct drive 6 kg is protected from vibration, but if you still have it, then you incorrectly exposed the device. Check the horizontal position of the unit at the building level.
  4. Excessive foaming and water leakage are associated with hose integrity.
  5. Slowly water can enter the drum only in two cases - if the hose is transferred or a small pressure is supplied from the water supply tap.
  6. The washing machine may not work if the power cord is not plugged in.
  7. The door does not open only during washing and after spinning for three minutes.
  8. The washing time increases if the laundry is longer than anticipated for a specific function.

Important! So that you don’t have any problems, we recommend that you watch the hose so that it does not squeeze, a stabilizer is connected to the device, network filter or the mains voltage has not changed.

Important! When studying the market for washing machines, many buyers are lost in the choice - which brand to choose - Samsung or LG. And this is understandable, because two perennial competitors are constantly working on the introduction of new technologies. Our separate post will help you solve the dilemma. “Which washing machine is better - Samsung or LG?”

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Caring for LG direct drive

With proper care, the LG direct drive 6 kg washing machine, like any other appliance, will last you a very long time.

Important! Before you start using the equipment, take care of its proper installation and connection. Our site of useful tips has prepared special articles on these topics:

A few tips for caring for your device:

  1. The front panel and the housing must be cleaned once a week with a cloth soaked in soapy water. After that, wipe it dry with a cotton cloth.
  2. It is sometimes recommended to wipe the inside with a solution consisting of 500 ml of washing powder and 250 ml of bleach. After cleaning, wipe the device dry and leave the window open.
  3. Try to prevent errors and breakdowns.
  4. Do not overload the drum with dirty laundry.

Important! The front panel and housing must not be wiped with abrasive materials. For cleaning the drums and the heater it is worth using only special products that are sold in hardware stores and departments of household appliances.

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Stock footage

Take care of your device and the LG direct drive 6 kg washer will last you a very long time.

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