Zanussi Aquacycle 800 washing modes 🥝 how to turn it on and use

Most housewives dream of a small and inexpensive washing machine. When choosing the perfect home helper, users look at how fast spinning is, what additional programs and other functions are. And for many, it is enough for the device to wash and do it efficiently, and at the same time cost a little. The Zanussi Aquacycle 800 washing machine, an instruction manual that proves that this model can satisfy the most demanding customer, is a very interesting choice. Consider its characteristics and how to use it.

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history of the company

The company from Italy, which now produces household appliances and is a leader in its field, began its activities in 1916. Initially, wood-burning stoves were produced here, but over time, the range became wider and products became more perfect.

The first washers were released in 1954, and then production became the largest in Europe. Five years later, the production of horizontal-loading machines began, in which there were already four automatic programs.

In the mid-eighties, the company became part of the Electrolux concern, automatic devices began to be mass-produced. By that time, it was already possible to regulate the consumption of water and electricity.

In the domestic market, washing equipment under the Zanussi brand appeared in 1994.

Important! There are more than enough competitors for this brand. And to be sure that this is exactly your option, it will not be out of place to get acquainted with the features of equipment from other manufacturers. To do this, we suggest you read the special thematic reviews:

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Pros and Cons of Zanussi Aquacycle

Budget washing machines Zanussi Aquacycle differ not only in affordable price, but also in characteristics that allow them to compete with more expensive models. For example, due to double moisturizing, the detergent can penetrate deeper into the structure of the fabric in order to better clean it.


  • Low cost;
  • Small size;
  • High quality spin (usually 1000 rpm);
  • High-quality washing;
  • A variety of programs for washing;
  • Safety system.

Important! The disadvantages of the Zanussi Aquacycle washing machine are lower energy efficiency and lower load, as can be found in the instructions from the manufacturer.

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Zanussi aquacycle 800

Such a model is considered quite simple, easy to turn on and use. It has practically no modern technology, but it will perform a high-quality washing. To the “Zanussi Aquacycle” 800 instruction contains all the necessary information about its work.

Despite its simplicity, this model has the following advantages:

  • High quality washing;
  • Special programs (super rinse, delicate wash, etc.);
  • The optimal load of linen, which is 4.5 kg, which is quite enough for the average family;
  • The presence of control over the balance of the drum, protection against overflow and other safety functions.

Important! Alternatively, consider such models:

Despite all these advantages, there are a number of minuses that you should also think about if you are thinking of buying a Zanussi Aquacycle 800 washing machine and are already familiar with its instructions:

  • Spin does not guarantee a minimum percentage of humidity;
  • The machine nevertheless spends a lot of energy and detergent;
  • The device is not equipped with a display; control is only mechanical;
  • Many defense mechanisms are still missing.

Important! Zanussi Aquacycle Aquacycle 800 is the basic model for consumers who are looking for a quality washing machine for little money.

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Typical malfunctions

Despite the low cost, such a model is still quite reliable and breakdowns in it do not occur so often. According to user reviews, the machine is able to work for many years without a single gripe, which suggests that it is quite reliable.

But sometimes the Zanussi Aquacycle 800 washing machine stops working and needs to be repaired. But first of all, you should understand what exactly is faulty:

  • Water intake is very slow, the process itself can take hours, and liquid is also slowly collected in the powder tray. The reason for this is the poor operation of the water tap or a clogged filter. You need to either change the tap, or clean and change the dirty filter.
  • In case of difficulty in rotating or stopping the drum, a clearly audible hum of the engine and an extraneous knock, attention should be paid to the bearings. Most likely, they need a replacement.
  • If the water does not drain after washing, check the drain valve. Perhaps it is clogged. But if the valve turns out to be in order, then the cause may be a breakdown of the pump. It is better to call a professional to replace or repair it.
  • If water is normally poured into the unit, but instead of washing, the drum stands still and a strong knock is heard - the reason is a torn drive belt. In this case, the spare part only needs to be changed, otherwise, rotation transmission from the rotor to the washing drum will not occur.

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General recommendations:

  • For washing clothes, it is better to use a temperature below 65 degrees and a special powder.
  • When backfilling detergent, it is worth considering what type and volume the laundry is, how dirty it is.
  • When treating stains before washing, you can use the lower temperature mode.
  • Very often, a partial load is used in the washing machine. Usually one shirt is enough to correct the situation.
  • When the machine does not wash, it must be turned off. So there is no expenditure of excess energy.
  • Filters and pumps require regular inspection and cleaning.
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Stock footage

Despite the fact that the model was released a long time ago, it still does not lose its popularity. These budget cars have all the qualities inherent in expensive models, but at the same time, accessibility for the average consumer with average financial capabilities is much higher.

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