Thermopot - what is it?

Thermopot is a versatile household appliance. It is a hybrid device that combines functionality electric kettle and thermos device. In today's market, this is a fairly new invention. Such a unit very quickly gained wide popularity and firmly established itself in everyday life. In this article we will consider: a thermal sweat - what it is, how to use it, how it differs from a kettle and what is better to buy for everyday use.

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What is a thermal sweat?

Previously, a kettle was needed to quickly boil water. In our time, a new generation device has appeared - this is a thermal sweat that combines the functionality of a thermos (able to keep water hot for a long time) and a kettle (performs the procedure of boiling liquid). The heating element is closed and has the form of a spiral or open disk. Its main feature is not only boiling water, but also in constant support of the set temperature, which is very similar to a thermos.

Important! Almost all thermal sweat models have several temperature modes that are designed for different functionalities in the process of preparing food products with automatic heating of water.

Plastic is one of the common materials that are used to make the case. Electric kettles are found in ceramic, metal or glass cases.

Important! Thermal sweats are mainly made on top of plastic, and inside there is a glass or metal flask. Less commonly, there are models made entirely of glass or metal.

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Differences of a thermopot from a teapot

In order to determine which is better - a thermal sweat or a kettle, we will consider some features of the first unit, since it is very similar to an electric kettle:

  • Water after boiling does not cool for several hours. 6-7 hours after boiling in a disconnected thermopot device, heated water is 80 degrees. When measuring liquid in an electric kettle, immediately after the boiling procedure, the water is 90 degrees.
  • The volume of thermal sweat is much larger. On average, this unit is designed for 3-8 liters of liquid, while the kettle holds only 1.5-3 liters of water.
  • The heating procedure uses less energy. The power consumption of this device is from 1 to 3 kW. To maintain the desired operating temperature moment, the value of the total operating power of about 800 W is required, while the numerical indicator of the power to maintain the desired temperature is from 30 to 40 watts.
  • To pour water from an electric kettle into a mug, you need to lift it, transfer it from one place to another or tilt it. Up to five liters of liquid can be poured into a thermal sweat, without having to lift the device. You just need to substitute a glass or mug under the spout of the device, and press a button. The use of thermal sweat is ideal for children, sick and weak people, people with disabilities, since it is very difficult for them to lift and hold a full one, and besides, there is a very hot electric kettle that is filled with liquid.
  • The thermal sweat device is equipped with interlocks, such as:
    1. protection that protects against erroneous pressing of the pump;
    2. a lock that does not allow liquid to be poured while the device is running.

Important! The process of boiling water in a thermal pot lasts much longer than that of an electric kettle, but for a repeated procedure, boiling takes no more than a minute. Thermal sweat is mainly used when hot water is constantly needed.

Important! Using purified water will significantly extend the life of the equipment, so you should consider purchasing a filter. On our portal in a separate article you will learn "Which water filter is better?"

The main distinguishing feature is that the thermal sweat after the boiling process is able to maintain a constant temperature regime, resembling a thermos. Many models are able to choose the temperature regime themselves. The device will turn on periodically and the device will heat the water to the desired temperature. An electric kettle does not have such opportunities.

An electric kettle and a thermal sweat have common characteristics:

  • Both units have a heating process due to the use of electricity.
  • Both devices have a heating coil or a disc-shaped heating element. The ideal option, when the heating element is hidden, then it is not prone to sedimentation of limescale.
  • Both the electric kettle and the thermal sweat have a scale so that it is convenient to determine the amount of liquid that needs to be added.

Important! If boiling water is needed a couple of times a day, then it is more profitable to purchase an unpretentious electric kettle, and the use of thermal sweat is more practical and appropriate for the constant use of hot water and a large number of people.

Important! Many people nowadays buy purified drinking water. What if for some reason the water was not brought in or you forgot to order? You can use tap water, find out for this, how to purify water at home without a filter.

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What is more profitable - a thermal sweat or a kettle?

To determine which is better and more profitable - a thermal pot or an electric kettle, it is necessary to compare the power consumption of two devices. Since the power value of a thermopot is much less than that of an electric kettle, the first time the boiling process will take a relatively longer time than that of a kettle, but when reheated, it will take only one minute. While cooling the electric kettle, you must press the button again and wait for the boiling process again.

Important! This property of thermal sweat is very convenient for families with a large number of people or for the production team.

Thermal sweat reduces waiting time, and thus saves energy. In addition, the cooling process is much slower due to the presence of a thermally insulated flask.

Thermopot has characteristic features:

  • the volume of fluid contained depends on the model and ranges from 3 to 8 liters;
  • low power indicator from 0.7 to 0.8 kW;
  • boiling time at room temperature is about 13 minutes;
  • there are additional features consisting in the presence of a display, control of the dosage of water, procedures for heating to the desired temperature, manual pump.

Important! A large volume of water allows you to hold tea or coffee ceremonies with family and friends, and our article will help you choose for themthe best varieties of tea and coffee.

The electric kettle has the following characteristic features:

  • the volume of the contained liquid is from 1 to 2 liters;
  • the power is much higher than that of the thermal sweat, and ranges from 0.8 to 3 kW;
  • boiling water at room temperature occurs in 6 minutes;
  • additional features include 360-degree rotation, lid fixation, and some models are also equipped with a backlight.

The use of thermal sweat is advisable in such cases:

  • This unit is an economical device, which, with careful selection and appropriate use, contributes to significant energy savings.
  • If the presence of boiled liquid, which is constantly in a heated state, is very important, then it is advisable to use a thermal sweat.

Important! You need to purchase only high-quality models, because such a device will cost unambiguously more than a simple plastic teapot of 1.5 liters. This will help you compiled on the basis of expert opinions and user reviewsthermal pot rating.

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Advantages of thermal sweat

In the question, which is better - a thermal sweat or an electric kettle, you need to pay attention to the significant advantages of the first device:

  • This unit is able to conduct the process of boiling or heating the liquid to the desired temperature.
  • The desired temperature can be set independently, and many models have four modes of heating the liquid.
  • The thermal sweat device is able to maintain a given temperature mode for a relatively long time. Water constantly remains hot, as if the electric kettle had just been turned off after boiling. In this unit, it is also permissible to choose other indicators of water heating.
  • The presence of a liquid of the right temperature allows you to make a cup of tea or a portion of baby food at any time.
  • Thermo sweat allows you to save time, because you do not have to wait until the full heating of the water occurs again. Also, the device is able to save electricity, since it is not necessary to turn on the electrical unit every time, when there is a need for hot boiled water.
  • The impressive appearance of the thermal sweat is compensated by the ease of use, since it does not need to be lifted or tilted to pour liquid into the mug.
  • All models of the thermal sweat are equipped with a water supply device, a built-in electric pump. In order to pour water, you just need to press a button. Some models are equipped with a special valve, when pressed, the fluid is supplied to the tank.
  • There are models of thermal perspiration, in which there are manual pumps. They allow you to carry out the process of collecting water, even if the unit is disconnected from power.
  • When operating a thermal sweat, you will never get burned. If the thermal sweat is inverted, then the protective system is activated from the spill of water.
  • When boiling water, the surface of the thermopot body does not heat up.

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Disadvantages of a thermopot teapot

The thermal sweat device has the following negative points:

  • the presence of impressive dimensions that affect the use of thermal sweat in small rooms;
  • a heated case has a temperature of 40 degrees, which for the summer season is a significant minus;
  • the volume of the thermal sweat is directly related to the time factor of the primary boiling process - if the capacity of the thermal sweat is more than four liters, the boiling procedure will take about half an hour, and this is not always convenient;
  • the cost of a thermal sweat far exceeds the prices of a conventional electric kettle.

Important! It is necessary to purchase thermal sweat models only in company stores, since low-quality units are characterized by a very long process of boiling liquids and an unpleasant sugary smell of water after this procedure.

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How to choose a thermal sweat?

How to choose a thermal sweat? When choosing a model of this unit, it is necessary to pay direct attention to the following factors:

  • Thermopots are made in different volumes for the supplied fluid, so you must first determine the desired capacity of the unit, based on the number of people in the family and individual needs.
  • Thermopots with a disk heating element are more convenient and practical in use. Devices using a heating element in the form of a spiral are a cheaper option.
  • The presence of a manual version of the pump in the model, along with the automatic one, promotes the use of the device for spilling water without using electric power.
  • The presence of a display device allows you to record the temperature of the water.
  • Some modern models are equipped with a function to reduce the formation of steam.
  • The presence of built-in filters increases the efficiency of use of the device.

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Thermopot device

The design of the thermal sweat is a container, which consists of a steel bulb and a metal or plastic case. At the top of the device is closed a sealed cover on which the control panel is located. Each device has two elements for heating:

  • The first is the main heating element, contributes to the process of boiling water.
  • The second heating element performs the function of maintaining a given temperature.

To carry out heating of water to a certain point, the design of the thermal sweat is equipped with a temperature regulator, which are of two types:

  1. Stepless thermoregulating devices are able to smoothly control the temperature in the range from 60 to 100 degrees.
  2. Step temperature controllers capable of regulating the heating procedure at certain temperature values.

Important! All thermopots have several temperature conditions. The more such modes, the more efficient the operation of the device. But in practice it has been established that the use of three or four modes fully and completely contributes to the normal functioning of this device.

Other structural elements:

  • Also in the design of the thermal sweat there is also a thermostat that protects the unit from the effect of overheating, and this element occurs in two types: bottom and body, which is able to perform additional functions.
  • The pump, which serves to fill the fluid, is used for manual or electrical work, and there are models that can function with two types of pumps.
  • In addition, the thermal sweat is equipped with a filtering device, which protects the dishes from limescale along with hot water.

Important! There are various models of thermal sweat:

  1. In some devices, the water that boils does not cool down for about five to six hours, since a good thermal insulation system is used. After this time interval, the temperature slowly drops down.
  2. In other units, the level of high temperature is maintained by automatic short-term switching on of the device. In this case, the thermal sweat is plugged into an electrical power outlet.

More expensive models have additional functional features of the best thermal sweat:

  • The boiling process should be completed by a predetermined time.
  • The display shows the current temperature.
  • The temperature selection procedure, which is constantly maintained in the range from 50 to 90 degrees.
  • There are three ways to supply fluid: a manual version of the pump, an electric pump, the procedure for pressing the button on the button near the nozzle of the device with a mug.
  • The presence of two fluid tanks. In one, the temperature control procedure does not occur; the second tank allows the user to set the desired temperature for heating the liquid.
  • There is the possibility of lowering the process of steam formation.
  • The thermal sweat is equipped with an integrated self-cleaning system.

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Thermal sweat use

The process of using a thermal sweat practically does not differ from using an electric kettle:

  • First, a liquid is poured into the water tank that does not exceed the maximum level mark.It is preferable to filter the water before, which will significantly reduce the formation of limescale.
  • It is necessary to pour liquid into the thermal sweat from a jug or other container, since the device must not be placed directly under a tap with water.
  • When the unit is turned on in the electric network, the process of boiling liquid occurs.
  • After a few hours, the appliance begins to function in the water heating mode.
  • When the temperature decreases below the selected program level, the device itself periodically makes a switch-on for 15 25 seconds at the same time interval.

Important! Many people think that if the thermal sweat is connected to the electric network all day, then there is a large expenditure of electric energy. But this is not true. The repeated inclusion of a chilled electric kettle over the whole day contributes to the consumption of much more electricity than a single process of boiling a liquid using the function of maintaining the temperature regime.

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Now you figured out that this is a thermal sweat, how it differs from the usual electric kettle and you probably could decide what to choose for your own use.

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