How to clean frosted glass?

Frosted glass is unusually popular in modern design. It is used for decorating doors, tables, cabinets and other elements of the interior, therefore, it is simply necessary to know how to clean frosted glass.

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What is the difference between frosted glass and ordinary?

how to clean frosted glassFrosted glass differs from usual, first of all, by manufacturing technology. After applying a special film to a simple web, it is processed. As a result, it becomes rough and acquires an exceptional ability to get dirty quickly. Given this feature, it is naturally better to prepare in advance for surface care and learn how to wash greasy stains from frosted glass.

For more information about this material and its application in the interior, manufacturing techniques, see our separate review. "Frosted glass".

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How to clean frosted glass?

How and how to clean glass from stains? To remove dirty spots and dust from the surface of the glass, including sandblasting, use the following products:

  1. Acetic vinegar solution, “Mr. Muscle”, “GT-20” to remove minor stains and dust.
  2. Steam, steam devices (continuous suction mode), dried spots are best amenable to cleaning.
  3. "AJAX", "PRIL" - will help you remove greasy stains from frosted glass. Read the instructions carefully before use.
  4. "PROFOAM 3000" is a universal cleanser. Remove traces of stickers, tape, marker and grease.
  5. Acetone, alcohol - they will perfectly cope with stains from coffee, tea, glue (use carefully, make sure that liquids do not get on silicone gaskets or seals).
  6. Conventional dishwashing detergents select to remove minor contaminants.
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How to clean frosted glass?

If the table is glass and you want to maintain the attractiveness and integrity of the surface of this element of decor, you should know not only how to wash the frosted glass spraying, and what means are suitable for this, but also what is absolutely not suitable.

Such substances include:

  • alkaline and acid solutions;
  • organic solvents (gasoline, ammonia);
  • abrasive powders;
  • metal brushes.
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How to wash frosted glass?

how to clean frosted glassThe technology for cleaning frosted glass from grease and other stains is not very difficult. If you know the basic rules, you will be able to cope with the problem very quickly and easily. Follow the following sequence during the work and you are guaranteed success:

  1. Before you start cleaning the glass surface, determine the degree and type of contamination, and then select the right tool.
  2. For best results, moisten the surface with plenty of warm water before processing and wait a few minutes.
  3. After you have estimated the degree of contamination of the stain and its nature, select the material with which it is easy to clean the glass without damaging it. It could be:
    • suede;
    • microfiber;
    • soft cloth.
  4. To avoid cloudy streaks on the surface after cleaning, carefully wipe the glass first with a cloth moistened with clean warm water and then dry.

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Proper frosted glass care

Proper daily care is very important. To keep the glass in the factory state, use our tips:

  1. Install the door with a polished surface inwards. This will save you from unnecessary stains when you open it.
  2. Wipe the glass regularly with dry microfiber - it will completely remove minor impurities, moisture, stains and dust. In addition, the microfiber rag has excellent durability and is inexpensive.
  3. Instead of microfiber, you can use suede. She is quite tough and fleecy.
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To wash the frosted surface of the glass, you can use those products that are found in every home and are always at hand:

  • A piece of chalk. To clean contaminants with this substance, do the following:
    1. finely chop the chalk (a few tablespoons);
    2. dilute in 1 cup of water;
    3. moisten the cloth in this solution and wipe the glass on both sides;
    4. wait until the composition on the glass is completely dry,
    5. remove the residue with a crumpled newspaper or dry cloth.
  • Acetic solution. Another effective tool that you use in this way:
    1. dilute vinegar in hot water;
    2. moisten a cloth and wipe the glass with it;
    3. dry with microfiber.

Be attentive to household items, take care of them in time and you will always feel comfortable and cozy in your own home!

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