How to wash fukortsin from your face 🥝 how to quickly wipe a stain from furniture, clothes, floor

Who knows what fucortsin is and used this remedy, most likely it was often tormented by the question: how to wash fucortsin? Fucorcin is an antiseptic disinfecting antifungal agent, an analogue of zelenka. But it is more difficult to wash off than a diamond solution, thanks to the fuchsin dye that is part of the composition. This dye has antiseptic properties, which is why it is added to the composition. But the bright pink traces of the dye are much more difficult to wash off, it is difficult to remove it than the notorious green because the green lightens and is gradually eroded, but fuchsin is not.

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Why do we need fucortsin and can we leave no trace of it?

Most housewives use fucorcin in everyday life, because in addition to infections, it also kills fungi. But first of all, it is a liquid substance that can be spilled (which is most often due to the “excellent” Sovdepov packing method, when, in addition to the lid, you also need to remove the chopstick. Often, when this plug is uncorked, it spills. Why- then manufacturers do not want to replace it with something else.

In addition to the skin, after application, the dye often remains on furniture, carpets, linoleum and other surfaces in the house. How to wash off fucortsin when it has already left its marks? We have several effective ways in our arsenal, so despair away and let's act.

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How to wash fucorcin from the skin?

To get rid of such stains from the skin, several methods are known. They have varying degrees of effectiveness. Such drugs as help will help you:

  • laundry soap;
  • tincture of calendula;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • shampoo;
  • ammonia or ordinary alcohol;
  • salicylic acid;
  • vitamin C.


A bathhouse is also a great option.

Important! Determining how to wash off fucorcin from the skin, take into account the fact where exactly the spots remained on the body, and whose body it is - an adult or a child.

Hydrogen peroxide, calendula and soap

With tincture of calendula and hydrogen peroxide, you just need to wipe the skin, of course, not until the spots disappear completely (so you will erase your skin) - just during the day. For the best effect, mix these two preparations with grated laundry soap until gruel is obtained and use this product to erase traces of the dye.

Important! If you have sensitive skin, this product will cause irritation and redness. For children's skin, the product is also contraindicated. Refrain from using it, although it is effective, and apply other, milder options.

Vitamin C

You need to purchase ordinary powder vitamin C at the pharmacy. For the procedure, you need only 3 grams, which you need to apply like this:

  1. Pour the powder into a small amount of warm water.
  2. Stir until completely dissolved.
  3. Gently rub the resulting solution into the skin.
  4. Leave on for a few minutes.
  5. Remove residues with cream or makeup remover.

Important! This method, among other things, is useful for your skin, but if you are allergic to citrus fruits, then it is better to refrain.

Salicylic acid and alcohol

These two drugs are not as harmful as peroxide and calendula, but they also dry the skin. Just soak alcohol with cotton or a cotton pad and wipe the skin.

If you don't want it so hard, then salicylic acid will do the same job, just softer and a little slower. In this case, salicylic acid can be used instead of ordinary alcohol - it has a milder effect.

Important! After staining, also use a cream to avoid peeling of the dried skin.


It is this tool that is ideal in order to wipe fuchsin from the skin of a small child. Naturally, cleaning will take more time and you will not immediately remove colorful traces. But this method guarantees minimal harm, especially since the skin in children is renewed and restored much faster than in adults. This is an advantage that you can take into account when you do not know how to wipe fucorcin from the skin of a child.

Important! Laundry soap or baby soap increases the speed of renewal and this helps to remove fuchsin stains.

For application you need:

  • make a very strong solution of soap and water;
  • with this solution, simply wash the spots with rubbing movements;
  • You can use a washcloth or sponge.

Important! At one time, the pollution, of course, will not depart. Be patient and do this procedure throughout the day. By evening, there will be practically nothing left of them, do not hesitate. The main thing - do not forget after about baby cream.


How to wash fucorcin if the traces of it are large and almost all over the body? Everything ingenious is simple! In this case, it is enough to visit a wet steam room, and if you also treat the body with brooms, then there will be no trace of spots. It has long been known that steam helps cleanse the skin like no shower or bath. In addition, after the bath the skin is renewed.

A solution of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and shampoo:

  1. Pour two tablespoons of peroxide, one tablespoon of ammonia and about a quarter of the shampoo into a bowl.
  2. Mix well until smooth.
  3. With a cotton pad soaked in a solution, rub the dirt, immediately rinsing with warm water.

Important! If there are tingling, itching or burning, it is better to stop the procedure. In no case do not use the solution for the skin of the face and for delicate baby skin.

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How to wash fukortsin from household items?

Getting fuchsin on clothes, linoleum, furniture, etc. is a common, but such an undesirable practice. If this has already happened, do not hesitate and do not hesitate - act. And how - we will tell now.


How to wash fukortsin from clothes when he landed on her? In the event that the dye gets on white things, ordinary chlorine bleaches will help you.

Important! Do not pour bleach on the whole thing, only on the stain. Otherwise, the fabric may turn yellow. Chlorine bleach must be diluted before use according to the instructions, and not use a concentrate.

Colored clothes will help to remove a powerful stain remover, for example, “Vanish”, of course, designed specifically for colored fabrics.

Important! Remember that the procedure with such funds will need to be repeated repeatedly, the pollution will not go away the first time.


Fukortsin hit the floor and you do not know how to wash fucortsin from linoleum? You can use the same chlorine bleach and wash the floors with it. Act quickly so as not to damage the material.

As is the case with colored items, careful stain removers are also suitable, but such cleaning will take much longer. The older the stain, the longer you will wash it off.


A solution of sodium sulfite that can be bought at any pharmacy works great for removing such contaminants. This is a very powerful tool and you need to act as quickly as possible - apply to the stain, rub with a brush and rinse immediately with clean water.


“Raspberry jewelry” on the furniture will help remove baking soda, you can take calcined. Apply soda to a damp cloth or sponge and rub the stain vigorously.It will take time, but it will not be wasted.

Important! If you add acetone or vodka to the soda, it will turn out faster, but you can not wipe thus varnished surfaces.

Also with unfinished furniture it will help to remove fucorcin and salicylic acid:

  1. Apply it to a cotton pad contamination.
  2. Leave for a minute or two.
  3. Rub lightly with a soft sponge.
  4. Rinse off.


When the carpet is dirty, the question of how to wash off fucortsin is usually confusing. Especially if the carpet is natural. But do not be discouraged, there is a way that will help you save textiles and wash away all the “raspberries”:

  1. Add ammonia to a strong soap solution.
  2. Apply this mixture to stains.
  3. Rinse with water after a few minutes.

Important! Do not leave the coating to dry completely naturally, remove moisture as dry as possible with dry rags.

How to remove fucortsin from plumbing?

How to wash fucorcin from an acrylic modern bathtub or sink - with ordinary acetone or nail polish remover. From the first time traces of fuchsin will not go away, you need to try and rub to the last.

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Now you know how to remove fucorcin from any surface - both in your home and on your own body. We hope you managed to cope with this task quickly enough with the help of our tips.

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