How to wash the primer from the glass

Primer is one of the types of building materials, a substance used for strength and strong adhesion of the coating layers. If during the repair work, it was not possible to protect the windows from the ingress of excess solution, you need to know how to wash the primer from the glass. At first glance, painting art seems to be a simple matter, and if you do the work yourself, it is unlikely that you can immediately apply the primer accurately. Dont be upset! Here are some safe ways to remove the solution.

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How to wash the primer from the glass?

Before the slave to remove dirt from the glass, arm yourself with the necessary tools, solvents to dilute the primer and clean the glass.

Choose the best option for your glass cleaning materials. Depending on the type of primer, on its stage of drying and hardening:

  • water;
  • solvents, for example white spirit;
  • cleaning products;
  • soda;
  • vinegar essence;
  • blade;
  • a special scraper in shape resembles the letter "T" in which the blade is mounted;
  • abrasive sponge;
  • washcloth;
  • rag.
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How to wash off the primer?

With the right approach, the primer can be washed from any surface - linoleum, glass, laminate, etc. Carefully read the below suggested methods, choose the less labor-intensive for you.

Method 1

If the primer has not yet dried, it is advisable to wash it off immediately after contact with the glass surface, since the substance dries in literally half an hour. For this:

  1. Wet a rag in water.
  2. Wipe off the dirt.
  3. Wipe the glass dry with a dry cloth or wrinkled paper.

Method 2

If the primer is dry:

  1. Wet dried stains with the same primer.
  2. Allow moisture to soak.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with a damp sponge.
  4. Clean any remaining marks with a damp cloth.
  5. Wipe dry.

Method 3

To wash a primer that has a good hold, do the following:

  1. Cover the stained area with a well-soaked cloth.
  2. Wait a while - the swollen primer will better separate from the glass.
  3. Take advantage of the blade and carefully clean the soil.
  4. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Important! In order not to scratch the glass surface, work with the blade in one direction, do not press hard on it.

Method 4

Depending on the degree of drying of the soil, use an abrasive sponge with fine grain as follows:

  1. Wet the sponge with water.
  2. Soaking stains periodically, carefully remove them.

Important! Occupation is time-consuming, but the surface is likely to remain intact.

Method 5

Use a special scraper to remove the primer. Handle the tool correctly. Follow the recommendations when working with the device:

  1. Pre-moisten the stains with water.
  2. Hold the scraper at an angle of 30-45%.
  3. With light, forward movements, clean off excess parts of the material.
  4. Rinse off any residue with dishwashing detergent.
  5. Wipe the glass with a cloth dampened with water.

Important! As the scraper blade becomes dirty, free it from accumulated dirt. Pay attention to the sharpness of the knife, as a faulty tip can damage the glass surface.

Method 6

Use glass detergents such as Dopomat and Hodrupa, which are low foaming agents, to clean glass. They are used for gentle cleaning of coatings. It is important to observe safety measures when working with concentrates.

Technology for cleaning glass from the primer:

  1. Dilute the concentrate in a proportion of 10 ml per 1 liter of cold water.
  2. Dampen a sponge in the solution.
  3. Apply to glass surface.
  4. Rinse off with cold water after some time.
  5. Wipe dry.

Important! Work with gloves. Do not leave concentrated liquid on the glass for a long time, there is a danger of damage.

Method 7

Depending on the type of primer, choose a remedy. When washing off the primer from glass, a special solvent for paints will significantly help you.

Alternatively, use solvents:

  • White Spirit;
  • alcohol;
  • acetone;
  • petrol;
  • turpentine;
  • ethyl acetate;
  • solvent 646.

Work in the same way as in the previous method:

  1. Sponge on glass.
  2. Let it soak.
  3. Wipe off the dirt.
  4. Wipe up any residual solvent with a damp cloth.

Method 8

Take advantage of the window cleaner “Muscle” to help:

  1. Spray on the surface.
  2. Wipe with a sponge until stains are completely removed.

Important! If the surface still remains rough, use a stiff sponge.

Method 9

Ordinary baking soda will become your indispensable assistant in the struggle to clean the glass from the primer:

  1. Take plenty of soda.
  2. Apply it to a damp sponge.
  3. Carefully remove dirt from the glass.
  4. Wipe the surface with a clean, damp cloth to remove any streaks.

Method 10

To wash small droplets of primer on the glass, use a nylon mesh:

  1. Pressing lightly, clean up the dirt with up and down movements.
  2. Wipe off any dust on the glass with a damp cloth.

Important! Be sure to work in a hat and use a face shield or respirator. Do not jeopardize your health - the primer is still a chemical that can adversely affect the condition of your skin, and dust that gets into your lungs will clog them and can cause allergies.

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Useful Tips

So that after repair you do not have a question how to wash the primer from the glass, try to prevent surface contamination. To do this, read and adhere to the following recommendations during the entire repair of a house or apartment:

  1. The most reliable way not to smudge surfaces that are not intended for priming is to prevent the solution from getting on them, since it is very durable and does not wear off after drying.
  2. Before priming, cover the surfaces with cellophane and a covering film as much as possible. It is advisable to glue the joints with masking tape or tape.

Also protect yourself from allergies and other unpleasant health consequences:

  1. Due to the pungent odor of the primer, work with it in well-ventilated areas or outdoors.
  2. Be aware of protective equipment when working with toxic and concentrated materials.
  3. Observe safety precautions when using cutting tools.
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In order for repairs in your premises to be carried out only with high quality and with minimal power costs to eliminate dirt from the primer, use our recommendations for the prevention and resolution of unpleasant moments.

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