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Without exception, dust lives in every house, apartment or room. During cleaning, we pay little attention to her, but in vain. Many housewives, interested in wiping the dust, face such a problem that the dust just scatters around the room. After that, they wonder how to wipe the dust so that it sits less? And it is with this issue that we will help you deal today.

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How to wipe dust correctly?

It is necessary to remove dust in the following sequence:

  1. The first step is to remove the dust from the ceiling. To do this, you can first use a broom, pre-wrapping it with a rag.
  2. Next, carefully sweep every corner. As a rule, the largest amount of dust is stored in such places.
  3. Do not forget about the dust that is on the ceiling of your chandelier. It’s best to remove it manually.
  4. Then it is necessary to wipe the window sills, as well as the cabinets. Wipe the cabinets from top to bottom, but do not forget about the shelves that are located inside your cabinet.
  5. Take a close look at the armrests on the armchairs, as well as the reliefs on the furniture, the ends of the interior doors.
  6. It is imperative to look at all the electrical appliances available in your home, because the energy background created by these electrical appliances attracts dust elements to themselves just like a magnet attracts metal to themselves.
  7. At the end of the process, pay attention to the most understated surfaces, such as: coffee tables, chairs, as well as bedside tables.
  8. Do not forget about skirting while you wipe the flooring of your home.
  9. So that the dust no longer sits on furniture, use the special Anti-Dust polishes. They relieve statistical stress and thereby prevent dust from settling on the surface. This wiping can be completed.

You wonder why you have to solve the problem of rapid accumulation of dirt in the house? Then another review on our website will definitely be useful to you."Where does the dust come from?"!

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Rules for cleaning dust in the house

It is very important not only to know how to wipe the dust so that it sits less, but also to properly organize the entire cleaning process. To do this, follow these guidelines. Such an approach will allow you not only to get a truly high-quality result, but also save your time and energy.

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The first rule. Wet your apartment more often

If you have the opportunity to wash the floors in the hallway - wash as often as possible! Thus, dirt and dust will not be transferred to other rooms. And to choose effective detergents not only for floors, but also for cleaning any other surfaces in your home, our rating of the best home cleaning products.

Take a rag and on the nightstands, shelves, dressers, as well as household appliances. A particularly large amount of dust is collected on the TV screen and monitors.

Do you think that you are doing everything right, but the dust still appears more and more? Or maybe you just do not quite understand what is the main essence of the process? Then read the article"Wet cleaning", and you will not have more questions to restore order in the house!

The second rule. Do not sweep the floors with a broom

The broom raises all the dust into the air; better, use a vacuum cleaner.At the end of cleaning, wipe the floors with a rag or steam cleaner.


The third rule. Knock out the dust

Separate attention for cleanliness in the house should be paid not only to how to properly wipe the dust so that it sits less, but also to the care of bedding and textile decor of your apartment. Make it easy:

  1. Change your bedding often.
  2. Also knock out your dust blankets - at least once every 1-3 months. This is best done on the street or on the balcony.
  3. This rule can also be applied to clothes, especially wool. In the winter, it is necessary to freeze it from time to time. Take it to the balcony so that ticks and other microorganisms that live in the wool, as well as in the downy filler, do not accumulate for a long time.


Rule Four Styling and combing hair in the bathroom

As soon as you have done your hair, immediately remove the remnants of your beautiful hair. Also comb your pets regularly, if any, and collect their hair.


The fifth rule. Do not wipe off dust with a whisk.

Color panicle is a favorite accessory of absolutely all cinema housekeepers, but in fact, they are useless because they do not collect dust, but just carry it around the apartment. If you want to spend even less time on home care, use our master class,how to quickly clean at home.


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How to dust off?

When asked how to wipe the dust so that it sits less on furniture, floors, things, each of us would immediately answer with a rag. But not everything is as simple as in any business, dust cleaning also has its own characteristics. 96% of all housewives hate dusting. But this is because they do not know that for half a year in an average room up to 5 kg of dust is collected, and 80% of all immunity resources go to fight this dust.

A large number of technical innovations are called upon to facilitate our fate with you. But as before, the old kind rag remains the most effective.

Teal and Brown Family Room

Vacuum cleaner is the best friend of housewives

Everything would be very simple, if such household appliances could completely solve the issue of dust collection. But the problem with the vacuum cleaner is that it can not collect all the dust and not everywhere. In addition, very little dust will calmly pass through the vacuum cleaner and again settle on the floor.

Vacuum cleaners with the function of wet cleaning are designed to solve this problem, but they are large in size and their price is not aimed at the average buyer. In addition, the moist environment that remains after harvesting is an ideal place for harmful bacteria to multiply.

And if you still don’t have such a useful technique, be sure to get one! A detailed review is ready for you to help you figure outwhich vacuum cleaner is better - with a bag or container.


Electric brushes

There are many different reviews about electric brushes - both positively enthusiastic and extremely negative, associated with the uselessness of this device. Given this ambiguity, they are also in our homes with you, but their effectiveness in the fight against dust is still a controversial issue. The following disadvantages can be distinguished:

  1. This brush can not be cleaned in all places, you have to constantly carry the extension cord with you.
  2. In addition, some parts of this brush will have to be regularly repaired or changed.

In general, at some certain point, everything will become very complicated and will require additional costs.



This is an indisputable option, familiar to everyone to solve the problem, than to wipe the dust so that it sits less.

There may be various uses:

  1. It can be made of old gauze, t-shirts or shirts. It is used once for one cleaning and is thrown out without any regret, and also does not require large additional financial costs.
  2. For those who love modern materials, there are microfiber cloths or cloths made of microfibre microfiber.They are suitable for reusable use.
  3. There are elite ultra-efficient rags that can be used on any surface, but their cost is high. It is worthwhile to pay tribute - this modern rag will help you to clean the apartment completely and completely, starting from washing dishes, as well as tiles and ending with cleaning the down jacket. And more than once. An ordinary rag for a down jacket is unlikely to help, but it is not a pity to throw it out later.

Do not forget that regular cleaning and more thorough are two big differences. Even in the cleanest house, at least once every six months, everything must be carefully checked and cleaned. Follow our tips from the article here, andspring-cleaning It will be very simple and fast for you!


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How to wipe furniture so that dust no longer accumulates and does not sit down?

When choosing a suitable product, you need to know which surface it is intended for. Before using the product, we recommend that you read the instructions, otherwise - instead of the desired dust repellent effect, parts of the decor will be covered with a thick and dense coating. So, how to wipe the furniture so that the dust does not sit down?


Furniture polish

In their composition, you can find components that have degreasing properties - antistatic agents, antiseptics. Upon completion of processing, the furniture surface does not stick, and that is why the dust does not settle on it, but simply slides off it.

An additional plus of any such product is a shine to varnished as well as polished surfaces.

Polished furniture is a separate topic of conversation. Dust gathers on it faster. Therefore, if you have one in your house, and you are tired of fighting the dust on it, use the practical advice of experienced housewives abouthow to clean polished furniture at home. A noticeable result is guaranteed!


Antistatic applied to TVs, computers

A special type of preparation containing components that repel dust, as well as dirt, even from electrified surfaces. We recommend giving preference to products that can be used on the included electrical equipment and do not need subsequent processing with a napkin.


Intensively applied sprays

Multicomponent compounds are able to eliminate static, as well as kill ticks and reduce the activity of various allergens. They are so active that they can be used no more than once every six months. They process mainly textile accessories, as well as walls and carpets.


Impregnation for upholstered furniture

A professional product that is simply sprayed over the surface of an object, thereby covering it with an invisible protective film. The only drawback is that the product will have to be cleaned at least once every six months so that the drug does not turn into a dense coating.


Folk remedy based on table vinegar

One of the effective ways to wipe the dust so that it sits less is a popular simple recipe:

  1. In a glass of cool water, mix 50-75 ml of 9% vinegar, 2 tsp. olive oil and a few drops of any ether.
  2. Pour the solution into the spray bottle and spray over the furniture.

The disinfecting properties of vinegar can not only help you get rid of dust longer, but also make preventive cleaning of harmful microorganisms.


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Useful Tips:

  • Those mistresses who believe that the mere use of a polish with an antistatic effect will be enough to maintain order at home are greatly mistaken. No one canceled the regular cleaning and it must be carried out with strict observance of specific rules.
  • You need to move from top to bottom, otherwise - the dust that you removed from the top last, will settle on the already processed furniture.
  • Textiles should be washed regularly. If they are not particularly distinguished by the presence of contaminants, shake and knock them out.
  • Carpets and other similar flooring options must be knocked out and cleaned at least 2-3 times a year. For the summer season, they are generally better to clean.
  • It is necessary to sweep or vacuum the premises at least once every 2-3 days, and even if there are no carpets and rugs.
  • Books must be kept in closed shelves. If they are fenced off with glass doors, the elements must be tightly rubbed together, without gaps, as well as gaps.
  • Spray and wipe surfaces with special tools only after a full, standard cleaning. If you neglect this rule, then the dust will not go anywhere. Its particles stick together with each other and form a dense coating of dirt.
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