How to get rid of cat 🥝 or cat hair in the house

A cat is a pet, it is not only a source of positive and joy, but also a real headache, because wool, especially during molting, just flies in the air, settles on clothes, carpets, furniture and, as the hosts joke, becomes a seasoning for any dish . How to get rid of cat hair in an apartment and what methods of dealing with hair exist, except for the radical one, of course, is of interest to all the owners of "fluffy". This is what you will learn from this article.

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Cat hair - how to fight?

In addition to everyday problems, the ubiquitous hairs of wool can cause allergies and other serious health problems of households, because in combination with biological secretions, wool can become a source of various bacterial infections. Therefore, leaving the situation as it is and not at all puzzled by how to get rid of cat hair in an apartment is unacceptable.

But before taking any measures to eliminate the villi, it is necessary to find out the reason for the presence of numerous wool. There may be several, in particular:

  • Seasonal molt.
  • Improper nutrition.
  • Health problem.
  • Inappropriate conditions of detention.
  • A special breed of cat.

Consider how to reduce the amount of hair, depending on the causes of loss.


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The cat is molting. How to fight?

Shedding in animals is of the following types.


Usually this type of dropping of the hair occurs in spring and autumn. This is a natural phenomenon, and not a disease, just in animals during these periods of the year there is a renewal of wool. During this period, you will have to intensively take care of the pet in order to get rid of cat hair in the apartment:

  1. In the early days of molting, bathe the fluffy with a special balm for wool.
  2. After the animal dries, carefully comb it with a slicker or brush that suits the breed.
  3. Throughout the entire molting period, comb out your pet more often (if possible, several times a day). With this procedure, you will not only get rid of flying villi, but also improve the skin condition of the pet.
  4. After combing, stroke the cat with wet hands to additionally remove the fallen hair. You can do this with rubber gloves:
    • put them on your hands and moisten with water;
    • run gloves on the animal’s coat.

Important! The villi adhere well to wet latex, which you can also use to remove wool from clothing.


Some breeds of cats with a short coat, but a dense undercoat, constantly lose their hair. This breed includes the beloved “British”.

Such animals often need to be combed out with special brushes to reduce the “volume” of annoying villi. Such brushes are sold in any pet store.

Sudden molt

If the wool began to fall out at the wrong time, then this may indicate a health problem. In this case, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian to determine the cause of the disease and prescribe treatment.

Important! With atypical molting, it is necessary to pay attention to a balanced diet, perhaps the pet does not have enough vitamins and minerals, as well as the conditions of the cat. In hot and cold times, the houses are too dry and stuffy, perhaps it is necessary for the pet to humidify the air or reduce the temperature of the battery, if feasible.

To free the animal from the old pile during molting and get rid of the wool in the apartment, proceed as follows:

  1. Bathe your cat in warm or slightly hot water with a special shampoo.
  2. Wrap your pet in a warm towel for several minutes.
  3. Comb out the animal with a special scallop.

Important! All old wool will go away at a time, and you will not suffer from constant cleaning of furniture and carpets..

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Proper cat care

In the fight against such a phenomenon as molting, proper pet care is very important, which includes:

  • Proper nutrition.
  • Combing wool.
  • Decent conditions of detention.

Nutrition as a way to combat wool

To reduce the amount of coat in the apartment, veterinarians advise adhering to simple rules that will provide the pet with good nutrition:

  1. It is forbidden to mix natural and dry food.
  2. When eating natural products, the diet is calculated on a specific animal. The following products must be included:
    • Beef.
    • Offal.
    • Vegetables.
    • Vitamins
    • Mineral supplements.
  3. When choosing ready-made dry food, it is strictly forbidden to use cheap options, since they do more harm than good. If funds allow, then give preference to premium feed, if not, then buy products of the middle price segment.
  4. Use special top dressing to strengthen the coat of the animal. Such products can be purchased at any veterinary pharmacy. Choose foods that contain fatty acids and brewer's yeast.
  5. Add vitamins to your animal’s diet by age.


Important! Some owners, instead of special preparations and vitamins, prefer ordinary brewer's yeast. In any case, consult your veterinarian about which vitamin complex is best for your pet.

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Proper maintenance - less hair

The key to reducing the amount of cat hair is good conditions and proper care. Many people think that the cat itself monitors its “fur coat”, because a lot of time kittens and cats spend on licking and washing. However, this does not exempt animal owners from combing and cleaning their hair daily.

Important! Accustom the kitten to grooming since childhood, because 5 minutes for daily combing of a long-haired pet will save hours spent cleaning the villi from the carpet and clothes.

Wool brushes

It’s not at all difficult to choose a brush for “fluffy”, because pet shops offer options for every taste, so that it would be easier for you to get rid of cat hair in the apartment:

  • Slicker for animals.
  • Metal brush.
  • Comb for animals with frequent cloves.
  • Glove brush.
  • Koltunorez for removal of koltunov on wool.
  • Furminator - this device is especially popular with cat owners, as the furminator removes not only dead hair, but also the undercoat.

Important! Carefully comb the pet after washing, as wet hair does not scatter throughout the apartment. Bathe your cat once every three months, and use a special cat shampoo to wash it. Other pet care products can be purchased at the pet store.

Grooming a cat - is it necessary to act so radically?

Of course, you can use a radical way - a haircut. As they say, no wool - no problem. But, for example, Maine Coons, who have a lot of hair, are not recommended to cut, you only need to comb out. You can cut the animal yourself, but it’s better to contact a specialist who will turn your pet into a “model”.

Important! Before taking drastic measures, make sure that the molting is not a consequence of the disease, otherwise - during a visit to the veterinarian it will be difficult to see the cause of molting on a trimmed pet.

We create comfortable living conditions

Pay special attention to the microclimate of your apartment, if the cat likes to sleep on the battery or other warm places, then it will actively molt.

Increase the humidity in the room due to special humidifiers or plant flowers - and you and the cat will have additional comfort.

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How to get rid of cat hair in an apartment?

You will have to clean the house with the appearance of the animal more often, because you want to or not, but the molting period can not be avoided. Therefore, take it calmly, with understanding and patience. If you are a hardworking person, then maintaining daily cleanliness will not be difficult for you, and if you are too lazy, get a robot vacuum cleaner that does all the cleaning work to get rid of the wool in the apartment for you.

Vacuum Cleaner

To clean the house from cat hair with a vacuum cleaner, follow some simple rules:

  1. Cleaning should always begin from top to bottom. That is, first vacuum the shelves, furniture, window sills, and then the floor.
  2. To clean the villi from electrical appliances and equipment, use a spray bottle. We recommend adding fabric softener to the water, as animal hair is very static. Just before cleaning, spray the liquid in the room.
  3. It is better to use a washing vacuum cleaner for cleaning; if there is none, then before collecting the fibers, wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth. In this case, the wool will not scatter throughout the room, and you can easily collect it with a vacuum cleaner.

How to remove wool from the carpet?

On the carpet and walkways, the animal’s hair is especially clearly visible. There is more than one way out: buy a carpet of the same color as your pet or regularly clean the floor to get rid of cat hair on the carpet.

We offer several cleaning methods:

  1. Use special nozzles for the vacuum cleaner. The best one is a turbo brush from wool, it winds the smallest fibers on itself.
  2. It also helps in cleaning and soda scattered on the carpet. Pre-sprinkle a small layer of baking soda on the surface of the carpet product, soda will give the wool softness, and it will be easier to collect.
  3. Wash and vacuum models of vacuum cleaners, as well as robotic vacuum cleaners, work well.
  4. After cleaning the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, walk along it with a damp rag or mop.


How to remove villi from the floor?

For every pet owner, daily wet cleaning should be a ritual. The villi adhere to the wet tissue and are not carried through the air, which means they do not settle in the most unpredictable places.

Important! When wet cleaning, often look in secluded places, in the radiator grilles, because it is there that the woolen lumps settle.

How to rid upholstered furniture of wool?

All animals simply adore lying on upholstered furniture, leaving thick woolen traces on it. You can remove the villi with a vacuum cleaner, after moistening the upholstery slightly.

Alternative or auxiliary methods include:

  1. Cleaning with a stiff brush. Such a tool can be purchased at any hardware store.
  2. Use a rubber brush that easily attracts wool. Rubber has a high static property, and this will attract the villi to itself.
  3. Cleaning with a special rubber roller.
  4. Use ordinary rubber gloves or a rubber ball.
  5. Bonding wool to regular tape. Glue a piece of wide adhesive tape to the sofa or chair and tear off - the wool will remain on the sticky tape. Of course, the method is painstaking, but good for plain light or dark furniture, where each villus is visible.
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How to remove wool from clothes?

Thanks to “fluffy”, every thing from your wardrobe turns into a woolen coat. The villi settle not only on the floor, furniture, but also stick to home and street clothes.

How to remove cat hair from clothes?

If the nasty hair has already formed a coating on your clothes, then use the following recommendations:

  1. The simplest wool remover is water. Wet your hands and pass over a contaminated surface, and then wash off the rolled up wool under running water or throw it in the trash.
  2. Use a wet brush for clothes. Dampen the bristles of the brush with cool water and walk down the clothes from top to bottom. Perform the cleaning procedure with light movements so as not to damage the fabric and rub the pile even deeper into it.
  3. For more complex cases, use special sticky rollers and strips. However, the sticky roller has one significant drawback - it quickly becomes dirty and loses its stickiness.
  4. Get a reusable clothes cleaning roller. In such a device, gel-like material is used to collect wool and dust. After the roller becomes dirty, wash it in soap and water and dry it.
  5. Use the same tape. Attach masking tape to clothing and tear it off sharply. This method will allow not only to remove wool from clothes, dust and fine specks will be removed with your pet's pile.
  6. Use a vacuum cleaner with a turbo brush for cleaning. First hang the product on a coat hanger and slide it along the surface of the clothes with an iron with the function of vertical steaming. Hot air will easily separate the villi from the material. Take a vacuum cleaner and collect the wool.
  7. Use a scallop construction. Take a few ridges with rare teeth and tie them together, slightly moving, in a checkerboard pattern. Dampen the appliance with water and treat the contaminated area, holding the device strictly perpendicular to the fabric. On the clothes, additional static stress will begin to collect and this will allow to attract the villi.
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Useful Tips:

  1. Store items in cases that protect your clothing.
  2. Do not let the animal into bed, so as not to clean the sheets from the hair every day. If you are still accustomed to falling asleep with a "little bell" at your side, then change your clothes at least once a week. The washing machine to handle wool in double rinse mode.
  3. Do not forget about the magic thing - antistatic, treat the carpets and clothes with the product - the hairs will accumulate less on them.
  4. Add antistatic when washing products. Put the antistatic cloth along with the laundry during washing - this will reduce the attraction of the villi to the fabric. For a small load, you need half a napkin, and for a regular load, an entire. Iron clothes through cheesecloth, then the villi will not stick to the fabric.
  5. You can make a sticky video with your own hands. For its manufacture you will need a roll of wide tape and a rolling pin. Unwind some tape and align the end of the tape with the end of the rolling pin. The sticky side of the tape should face you, and the smooth side should face the rolling pin. Wrap the rolling pin in a spiral spiral like a candy, leaving no exposed areas. When you reach the opposite side of the rolling pin, cut the tape. Swipe the rolling pin over the clothes from top to bottom and collect the villi.
  6. You can use a regular dishwashing sponge to remove wool from clothing. Moisten a sponge with water and wring it to get rid of excess moisture. Rough side of the sponge, walk down the clothes from top to bottom, capturing small areas of fabric.
  7. Use old nylon or tights to remove lint from clothing. Put your hand in your sock. Lightly run your hand over the clothes, the wool will stick to the surface of the nylon.
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No matter how clean your cat may be, it will not remove the hair itself, so if you have brought an animal, then humble yourself and clean it. We hope that our tips and tricks will help you clean everything from wool to the next molt. Love the animal, keep it in decent conditions, indulge in a variety of “snacks”, and it will answer you with grateful purring and affection.

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