How to get rid of the smell of vomiting on the couch?

How to get rid of the smell of vomiting (vomit) in a room on the couch? - Absolutely everyone can face a similar problem, because nausea and vomiting appear unexpectedly, quickly enough, and can catch a child, adult or animal in the most inappropriate place. At the time of an attack of vomiting, an adult does not always have time to run to the bathroom, not to mention the children, who may simply be frightened of incomprehensible urges. As a result, a person is faced with unpleasant discharge on clothing, furniture or carpet. And if traces of vomit can be eliminated with a rag or napkin, then the smell left by such secretions remains for a long time and the fight against it can become a real problem even for an experienced housewife. In our article, we will tell you the most effective and efficient ways to get rid of the smell of vomiting on carpet, furniture, and clothing.

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How to remove the smell of vomiting from the sofa?

To get rid of unpleasant amber from upholstered furniture, you can use special neutralizing agents that are sold in a pet or car shop. But we would recommend first to use improvised means, and only if the result would be unsatisfactory to use professional fluids.

article-December 7-6, 2016

For cleaning you will need the following components:

  • Lemon juice;
  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Manganese solution;
  • Acetic acid and table vinegar;
  • Salt (table and aromatic);
  • Tea and insoluble coffee;
  • Ammonia and soap solution.

Important! Before you remove the smell of vomiting from the sofa, you need to remove stains from the furniture, especially in the case of lemon and vinegar. These components used on a contaminated surface may not clean it of traces, but rather, exacerbate the situation. Spots penetrate deeper into the fibers, and getting rid of them will be extremely difficult, and in some cases impossible.

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How to clean the sofa from vomiting?

Next, we will take a closer look at ways to remove the smell of vomiting from carpet and furniture using products that were mentioned earlier.

Acetic acid

Persistent and pungent odor of vomit can easily be removed using acetic acid:

  • First of all, we remove the remains of vomit from the surface - to do this, use a sponge, rag or damp cloth.
  • In a small container, dilute acetic acid with cold water, in a proportion of 2 tablespoons of acid per 1 liter of water.

Important! It is not recommended to use hot water, the smell can - on the contrary, become sharper and stronger.

  • Prepare a microfiber cloth - this material absorbs moisture well, soak it in the prepared liquid.
  • Process problem areas of furniture and leave on a surface until completely dry.

Important! As an alternative, you can replace acetic acid with other available tools: citric acid and hydrogen peroxide are perfect. For dark upholstery, you can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate.


Table vinegar

Some housewives do not use acetic acid in their home life, in which case it can easily be replaced with ordinary vinegar. The only thing is that the cleaning process is slightly different from the previous one.Table vinegar not only perfectly removes unpleasant odors, but also cleans the sofa from small impurities.


  1. In a small bucket or basin, prepare a weak vinegar solution. To do this, mix water and vinegar.
  2. Immerse the unused clean sheet or a piece of light cloth in the resulting liquid. Soak it thoroughly with the product.
  3. Squeeze out the excess liquid and put a damp cloth on the contaminated area of ​​the upholstery, press it harder to the surface so that the product soaks the top layer of fibers.
  4. Leave the rag in this position for 30 minutes, or even 1 hour.

Important! If there is a slight odor after cleaning, carry out the procedure again.

Also find out how to clean vomit from a carpet, because fleecy surfaces are very difficult to clean!



Exhausted in trying to clean the furniture from the smell of vomiting? Next, we will tell you how to remove vomiting from the carpet and get rid of a stubborn odor. This method will help get rid of the unpleasant amber, which managed to soak into the upholstery. In order to conduct the cleaning process, you will need ordinary table salt, which is always found in the kitchen cabinet of any housewife:

  • Pour common salt onto the contaminated area of ​​the sofa.

Important! In order not to damage the coating, do not rub it into the material.

  • Leave the powder on the surface for approximately 8-10 hours.
  • At the end, vacuum with a car or conventional vacuum cleaner, you can also use a medium hard brush.

Important! Salt can be replaced with aromatic. Thus, the cleaned surface will acquire a pleasant aroma.


Soda and Potato Starch

The following foods that will effectively eliminate the unpleasant aroma of your furniture are baking soda and potato starch. Due to the adsorbing properties of their porous structure, the pungent aroma will disappear from the coating in an instant.

Method of cleaning:

  1. In a small container, mix soda and potato starch in a 1: 1 ratio.
  2. Apply the prepared mixture liberally to the damaged area. Leave on the surface for a while.
  3. Use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove the product.

Important! If there is a faint odor of vomiting remaining, repeat the procedure again.


Tea and coffee

The products that will be discussed will undoubtedly be found in every family. Black or green tea and aromatic insoluble coffee are perfect for eliminating amber vomiting from furniture.

Cleaning sequence:

  • Spread black or green tea bags around the perimeter of the sofa. Leave them for a few days.

Important! If there are traces of vomiting left on the upholstery, they should first be removed using one of the above methods.

  • Sprinkle with freshly ground coffee on the damaged area, leave on the surface for 3-6 hours.
  • After time, use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the product.

A separate selection of tips and techniques will also help you. vomit clothes.


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Special odor neutralizing agents

In household chemistry stores, you can purchase special care products for upholstery. Liquids can easily cope with mild impurities, and also eliminate the unpleasant odor from vomiting.

Important! Before you purchase the product, carefully read the instructions on the packaging, and strictly observe the proportion of the product when using.

Useful tips for choosing:

  • For effective odor removal, choose liquids in which the alkali content is higher - the composition of the product will tell you about this.
  • Automotive chemistry stores sell special odor neutralizers for cars. These remedies will also help in solving your problem with the unpleasant odor of vomiting.

Important! Means have a strong chemical composition, they should be used with extreme caution when there are no children and animals in the room.

  • You can eliminate the strongly ingrained odor of vomit by preparations from a pet store.They are able to eliminate many flavors of the animal’s vital activity, therefore they can also solve this kind of problem.

Important! The products have a sharp and not too attractive aroma, but it disappears as the source of pollution is eliminated.


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How to remove the smell of vomiting from a leather sofa?

If the furniture installed in the room is upholstered in leather, then there will be practically no problems with cleaning it. As a rule, the skin in its properties does not allow to absorb liquids and odors, unlike textile fabrics. But the presence of the slightest smell from vomiting can spoil the rest on your favorite leather sofa. Want to know how to clean a sofa from leather-coated vomit? To prepare the product, you need liquid soap and ammonia.

Mode of application:

  • Pour 1-1.5 liters of warm water into a metal container, add 1-2 teaspoons of any liquid soap and 1 tablespoon of ammonia to it.
  • Prepare a foam sponge or a flap of light tissue, soak it in the resulting mixture.
  • Rub the damaged surface thoroughly with a damp cloth.
  • The remnants of the product should be removed with a microfiber cloth moistened with clean water.

Important! Traces of soapy water can lead to the appearance of stains on the leather upholstery, which in the future will have to be removed using other methods.

  • Use a cotton cloth to remove excess moisture from the sofa.

Important! Do not sit on the treated area until completely dry.


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Recommendations for removing the smell of vomiting:

  • The process of cleaning the surface from traces of vomit is carried out in bright light or in good daylight.
  • To avoid the appearance of dirty stains, the stained area must be moistened with cold water.
  • Before you apply a chemical, try it on an inconspicuous piece of furniture.
  • For synthetic fabrics, use only mild alkaline products.
  • Natural fibers - flax and cotton, are not recommended to be exposed to alkaline acids.
  • Clean the surface gently, moving from the edge of the spot to the center.
  • If after the first cleaning the surface could not be washed completely, repeat the process again.
  • Rinse off the residue with clean water after each repeated application.

Important! Be sure to clarify the situation why such a malaise occurred, especially if it is a child. Read on our website about causes of vomiting and the baby and treatment.

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Unpleasant and unforeseen situations can happen to everyone, so useful tips on eliminating vomit from carpet, furniture, mattress and in the car will be useful to everyone. Armed with such knowledge, you will react correctly in critical situations and do not spoil the interior with unacceptable actions. The recommendations and ways given to remove the smell of vomiting from the sofa at home will help you quickly and efficiently return clean and pleasant aroma to your home.

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