How to wash ammonia windows

With the advent of spring, I want the sun to quickly penetrate all corners of the house. Mistresses open the curtains wider to let in the light, but the light is not in a hurry to penetrate the dwelling - the windows darkened during the winter period, became covered with dust and streaks of rain. There are many ways to get rid of annoying pollution. In this article, you will learn how to wash ammonia windows so that they shine again, correctly, quickly, and easily.

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What is ammonia and how to dilute it?

Ammonia is an ammonia-based aqueous solution that cannot be confused with anything due to its very pungent odor. It is worth noting that such alcohol is an excellent solvent for acids, so all obsolete contaminants lend themselves to it with ease. The main thing is to correctly calculate the dose and correctly prepare a solution for mirrors and glasses.

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How to use ammonia?

Can plastic windows be washed with ammonia? The first thing to know before washing windows - in what proportions to mix the ingredients. Means and solutions with ammonia are prepared according to several recipes, each of them effectively copes with the dirt on the glasses. Check out the options below and select the composition that is most suitable for you.

Solution No. 1

  1. Take 5l of water.
  2. Add 5 ml of ammonia.
  3. Mix.

Solution No. 2

  1. Take 200 ml of water.
  2. Pour in 500 ml of glycerin.
  3. Add 5 drops of ammonia.

Note: glasses treated with such a solution are less polluted, and in winter they are protected from ice, plus dry ultramarine blue gives a beautiful bluish tint.

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How to wash windows?

Now you will learn how to properly organize window cleaning and use ammonia products with maximum efficiency. Prepare the necessary equipment in advance.

You will need:

  • foam sponge;
  • container with a solution;
  • a container of water;
  • Newspapers
  • soft cloths;
  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • mop;
  • chair;
  • latex gloves.
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How to wash ammonia windows?

Follow this sequence of actions, and washing the windows will be a pleasant experience for you.

Stage 1 - cleaning the profile and window sill

  1. Remove the curtains from the curtain rods and remove all unnecessary from the windowsill.
  2. Start washing your windows by cleaning the frames and cleaning the windowsill.

Remember: always wash from top to bottom. For this:

  1. Vacuum the surface.
  2. Moisten a sponge in a solution of detergent.
  3. Wipe the frame first, then the windowsill.
  4. Clean the remaining foam with a damp cloth.
  5. Treat surfaces with solution No. 1.

Stage 2 - washing window panes

  1. Take a foam sponge.
  2. Dampen it abundantly in solution No. 2.
  3. Put the solution on the glass and treat the entire surface from top to bottom.
  4. Use a soft cloth or newspaper and polish the glass.

Stage 3 - cleaning the blinds

Using any solution with liquid ammonia, you can clean up the dirty shutters. For this:

  1. Open the window.
  2. Place the blinds parallel to the frame.
  3. Dip any sock into the solution.
  4. Put on your sock like a mitt.
  5. Wipe each plate on both sides.
  6. Wipe dry.
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Useful Tips

  • Wash the windows in cloudy weather. In bright sunshine, the product dries quickly and leaves stains and stains without proper treatment.
  • Always use rubber gloves.
  • Avoid eye contact with cleaning solution.
  • Do not inhale deep vapors of ammonia and ventilate the area well after cleaning.
  • In high, inaccessible places, use a mop: for example, when washing slopes from the outside or cornices.
  • Do not use ammonia soda or cleaning powder to wash the frames and windowsill. Scratches and white marks may form.
  • You can purchase a special rubber mop for washing windows. It is only important to get acquainted with the application technology. She needs to work, holding horizontal stripes, moving from the top of the glass, down.
  • To prevent synthetic curtains from being wrinkled after washing, hang them damp.
  • Aluminum platbands cannot be cleaned with abrasive products. They should be washed with a soft cloth and liquid detergent.
  • Traces of insects on the glass are well removed with onion juice. To do this, rub the stain with half the onion and it will disappear.
  • Stable and long-lasting shine of glasses can be achieved with the help of starch. To do this, dissolve 1 tablespoon in 1 liter of water. starch and wipe the surface.
  • Using solutions with ammonia, you can bring to shine any glass objects in the house. If you have prepared too much for washing windows, do not rush to pour out the leftovers - use them practically.
  • Start washing windows and frames from the inside.
  • Glasses are recommended to wipe sometimes with linseed oil. To do this, apply a small amount of oil to the cloth and wipe the surface. Polish with a dry cloth afterwards.
  • Never mix ammonia with materials that contain bleach.
  • Keep the product away from children.
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Use our tips and see for yourself that ammonia is a truly effective window cleaner!

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